Stupid strange love

Stupid strange love

I have been watching American sitcoms for quite some time and what I noticed about these shows was that there is no problem if you date, or make love or even sex but once you tell them I love you the problems begin. The I love you thing always comes from guy side and then girl start getting all the wrong ideas about the relationship
Like in FRIENDS where Monica simply went bonkers when Chandler said those three words, in Two and a Half Men Charlie got a thank you in return and also The Big Bang Theory Penny and Leonard broke up over those three words.  American lifestyle is really weird and confusing. 
Most of the movie sequels in Hollywood change the lead actress saying that the actor had a divorce or they just broke up. After all they’ve been through how someone can divorce or breakup. The worst case was in Jurassic Park where after going through an entire misadventure Alan and Ellie simply broke up and Ellie decided to marry some other guy and make babies with.
In the same way Daniel Craig James Bond movies don’t make sense, he mourns over his lost love and he still uses women and sleeps with them to fulfill the mission objectives. 
Either American way of relationship is really cool or I am simply taking everything wrong.
PS: I wanted to continue my Mumbai journey but things simply don’t stop coming in my mind.

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  1. Shraddha

    I read it like I am reading a newspaper. I swear. Lol. In Indian style, they don't have trial and error. This is where we lack. Anyways

  2. Yasmeen

    Love itself is a problem re, and problem kabhi bolke nahi aati..even if u r the best antaryami it is bound to happen when u r unaware! Zyada mat sochiyo and aagey badhiyo if there is someone LOL 😛 And yes relationships are different in different parts of the world..there's no 1 way of having a relationship..okay enuf advice bye! =)