A Guide to Street Food of Sonepur Mela

Indian fair and festivals are known for the delicious food. Any event in this country is incomplete without tens of food stalls scattered all across the Festival venue.

Sonepur Fair of Bihar is one of the most unique festivals in India. It is popular because of its status as the oldest and biggest cattle fair of Asia. Traders from all around Eastern India come here to buy and sell animals. Sonepur Mela’s history is also connected to some mythological stories.
But what makes Sonepur Mela so interesting is its street food. From litti Chokha to Jalebi and Gulab Jamun, you will find everything in this festival. The fair is truly a foodie’s Paradise.
The fair doesn’t only have stalls where you can sit and eat but there are many vendors who sell snacks that you can get packed from here and take home to relish with your friends and family. If you want to enjoy the most popular food items of Bihar then Sonpur mela is must visit.
When is Sonpur mela organised
Sonpur mela is organized in the month of November during Kartik Purnima. It runs for a month. The date of Sonepur Mela festival varies every year.
How to visit Sonepur Mela
Sonepur mela’s venue is close to Patna. The best way to attend Sonepur Fair is by staying in Patna and then hiring a vehicle till Sonepur. Travel in the morning and return by evening. This will give you enough opportunity to explore everything in the festival.
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