Still a Minor

Still a Minor

Indian censor board is so much Indian It certifies as certain movies with an A certificate meaning adults only. It is really not necessary for them to be porn or semi-porn. Excess violent movies are too counted in this certification and if you are 18+ you are free to watch those movies. Still being an Indian you cannot watch those movies with your parents and let me tell you why in this blog. 

Few days back my brother downloaded Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola and started running it on TV in front o my parents. The moment Pankaj Kapoor started shouting bencho bencho on screen my parents behaved like what the hell just happened. Because of this reason my parents have not watched Gangs of Wasseypur 2 yet because if they do so on TV the abuses will reach me and my brother’s room. Guess they need a sound proof room for that.

Another incident happened when me and dad were watching TV and a movie promo started with some sexual references and abuses in it. After movie ended dad said must be an adult movie. I guess he meant that this movie is not for me. I am above 21 and I eligible to watch any movie and open any site (Not that I am going to do that)

There are friends with who when you start talking about porn and sex they start acting like someone taking Voldemort’s name in Harry Potter’s universe and when I do that they look on me like I am some most wanted terrorist. 

If a movie is made, it is made for watching if I am eligible to watch it by minimum age required then I’ll do that. I have no idea how watching it or not makes you a good person or bad. Even American Pie and Dredd were rated A in India so I am fine with it and you should be too.

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  1. Anonymous

    Tell u what….watch whatever movie u want,and alone.People would never be comfortable watching abuses and kisses on screen here.Get a room(of ur own.