Sounds of India – A Travel Compilation

Sounds of India – A Travel Compilation

Traveling in India is an experience that comes in many forms. Every place has a unique smell, colour and sound. Everywhere you go will welcome you with a characteristic of its own.

During my travel across India for 5 years, I have come across festivals, music concerts, vehicles and a lot many things whose sound got captured in my files. This video is a place where I compile all the sounds.

Sounds of India is soothing despite all the chaos and noise in the surroundings. Do connect with me on Instagram and Facebook if you have some feedback or suggestion.

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  1. Vesna

    Great experience, I hope to visit India after covid is gone. Thank you for sharing

  2. Kapi Ketu bhagat

    capturing the sound of India is great, I can image the picture which are related with this sound.