Some people make you feel lonely

Some people make you feel lonely

Have you ever met someone who has made you feel how lonely you are? Have you ever met someone you reminds you about your past? Have you ever met someone who reminds you what you used to be and now what you are, someone who reminds you about your life and journey from where it started and now where you are?

Those who are following my other blog or know me in real life would know that I have trouble opening up to people no matter how talkative I am. I have problem expressing myself but I never thought of it as a problem. Last 3 years I have spent traveling, trying to know myself and forget the past. I haven’t dated in a while and that is where problem comes from.

I was reading someone’s blog, someone I don’t even know. And coming to the realization that how expressive she was I now want to meet her so bad. The problem is that I just think this much effort is not necessary, there is an image of certain people we make in our mind and sometimes it do not comes out that way. Even if there is a possibility that the person will be exactly the way I thought then what? I mean looking at my past records and the number of dates I have failed mostly because I don’t stay at a place this one will leave soon.

There is so much optimism coming out of this post right now? Well it’s funny, while going through her post I realized something. There was a time when I used to write for myself. I was expressive as my write-ups like her and then I made writing my profession. Now I hardly get time to write for myself, out of which I am giving time for my travel blog that I am updating frequently.

People inspire you in different ways. My problem is that I get uninspired soon. I have been wishing to stop this content writing work to a level down from where I can write for myself. So let’s see what happens. As far this person is concerned, I love anyone who writes. It tells more about a person than you’ll know them in real life.

Anyways thanks for reading this blog. Here is a pic of baby riding a dog.

PS : Look how my mood changed from the first paragraph to the last that I posted pic of a baby riding a dog. This is my life in a nutshell.

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