Social Networking hype by media.

Social Networking hype by media.

These days news channels are blaming Social Media for some murder and rape cases where person after meeting a girl on facebook kidnapped and raped her. India TV’s headlines even said facebook can kill you. Well the amount of non-sense of facebook make you feel like killing yourself but muder, well not always. 

They say that murderer met the victim on faebook and when they planned to meet this incident happened. The victim was fool enough to meet a total stranger at some private place and people started blaming all the social network websites.

Facebook and twitter might be a privacy killer but it often helps investigators with clues when they go through their recent posts to find out who they were planning to meet up and where. So if you blame facebook for the murder then it is a stupid idea. 

Normally I don’t like meeting online people in real life only because I am ugly and in past I have lost my virtual friends by meeting them in real life. 

All I want to say that people with super social life that spend their evenings at parties and clubs, don’t judge us poor people before generalizing everyone as murderers and kidnappers. Stop selling news for the sake of selling news and spare people like us :((

They should carry on reporting about Rahul Gandhi on what he is eating, what he is wearing, when is he going to take a piss etc and carry on their profession.

Also I am no fan of social media. It kills all the time but I have no problem for that because I have all the time to waste in this world.

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