So you think you can talk

So you think you can talk

There are people, who talk and there are people who don’t and then there are people who love talking. The person I am going to talk here is none of the above. For a person like me who can go on and on talking non-stop has hardly got someone with the same talking powers until I met Puja. Although we studied in same school, where I was too shy to stay away from girls 😛 I met her thanks to Praveen in Bangalore. Slowly I got in touch with her and surrendered in front of her talking powers. 

Imagine yourself asking for directions from one place to another, what reply will you expect? The person you asked will simply tell you the information needed and talk finished. Now ask the same question to Puja and she’ll give details of that route, followed by bus numbers and other relevant and other not so relevant information including some stories related to that place.

And talking about stories, this girl is a never ending book of stories. She starts telling one and then goes on and on and on. She is a person who can make whatever time you have look short. She is one of few friends who is always interested in knowing what I do for living and apart from Ashutosh she is one of few who will try to help me out with her advices and suggestions as much as one can do.

She is going to get married soon, the person she has selected as her life partner is the luckiest guy ever. Not only because she is so awesome but also because this sense of understanding and the chemistry they have with each other. If you stay around this couple then you can never get bored of all the nok-jhonk that goes on and on between them.

I wanted to write this up since a long time but was not getting enough words, even today words are not enough and I hope you won’t kick my behind after reading this. 😀

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