Six Reasons Why You Should Avoid Visiting Jaipur During Its Literature Festival

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Jaipur Literature Festival or JLF is considered to be one of the must attend events in Jaipur. While this four day event witnesses participation from number of national and international literary figures, it is also attended by a huge crowd coming from nearby cities that make traveling to Jaipur impossible.

The ambience of Diggi Palace, the host venue of the event, energetic crowd and mind blowing musical performances make for some of the reasons why you should attend Jaipur literature festival. At the same time, this event fails to provide impression of the Pink City that a traveler should have. If you are exploring Rajasthan and your Jaipur visit dates coincide with Literature Festival then it is recommended that you change your travel plans, skip Jaipur and move on towards Pushkar, Bharatpur, Agra or Delhi.

Fun fact: The prime areas of Delhi (Hauj Khas Village, Greater Kailash, Khan Market, etc.) are absolutely empty during the JLF.

The utter annoyance that I went through during this event made me write this blog. Here are some reasons that will convince you not to visit Pink City during Jaipur Literature Festival.

Overpriced Hotels – I happened to be in Jaipur during the 2018 edition of Jaipur literature festival because I had to change a train to Jaisalmer. After booking my hostel, I realized that I just paid INR 500 for the bed that costs INR 250 during off season. Worse, the events go till 11:00 PM and once the people start returning, they kill the sleep for every guest who just wants to rest after a tiring day of city visit.

Crowded places of sightseeing – What happens when a city known for its beautiful forts, glorious sunrise and amazing palaces is visited by 10000 so called literature loving enthusiasts? Well, when they are not at Literature Festival they are busy exploring the city. So if a simpleton like you wants to visit Nahargarh Fort or Amer Fort, then be ready to bear a huge crowd taking selfies. The crowd is so huge that even at 8 PM Nahargarh keeps bustling with tourists. On normal days the fort usually goes empty after the sunset.


Traffic jams and diversions make it worse – Because Literature Festival is a huge event and Diggi Palace’s location is at one of the important areas of the city, you’ll end up being victim of the incredible traffic jam leading towards Pink City, Hawa Mahal and Amer Fort. Traffic is suddenly diverted and don’t be surprised when your auto rikshaw or cab takes a longer route than what Google Maps suggests because the shorter route is closed.

Getting into the venue is itself a huge task – Now when you are in Jaipur during an event that may have invited one of your favourite authors, how can you not pay a visit. Well, the crowded entrance, food stalls and the auditoriums will suggest you otherwise. There is no place to move, you’ll have to push people to make way and if you want to hear your favourite author then prepare yourself to go through hundreds of other people who are just around to click photographs.


You’ll not want to compete with the Instagram crazy people – Hawa Mahal is a confined space with a small passage to walk. Naharagarh Fort has edges from where people can fall and get seriously injured. There is one beautiful door at City Palace and Albert Hall requires a great deal of patience to see and observe. Do you know what happens to these beautiful places during JLF? Well they all turn into selfie booths. People make a huge line in front of the City Palace gate, take a selfie at every window and jharokha of Hawa Mahal and the daredevils will stand on the edges of Naharagh Fort to show how high they are. Well, why would you want to be around a crowd like this?

Last minute train/bus/hotel booking is almost impossible – For those who travel without a plan and make impromptu decisions, it is impossible to get a train booking to or from Jaipur. A lot of JLF attendees make plans for Jodhpur and Jaisalmer and they book their tickets in advance. If you are traveling from Delhi then you’ll be facing this problem a day or two before JLF starts. However, the trains will be almost empty as usual during the dates of festival. Getting a last minute booking in hotels or hostel is impossible and even if you do, be ready to pay a hefty amount.

Since Jaipur Literature Festival falls during the peak tourist season of Rajasthan, it is not surprising that you’ll end up being a victim of these issues. Next year, when you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, check the dates, confirm that you are not in Jaipur or even around during this festival because trust me, you’ll miss the real essence of The Pink City that this festival destroys.

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  1. Christine ong

    I know its hectic visiting during those time… but i still want to visit hahaha probably some other time.. 🙂 thanks for the info..

  2. Joanna Davis

    You should definitely plan in advance if you want to attend the Literature Festival in Jaipur. I have been to the pink city and it was busy enough, I can’t imagine how it is during festivals. Your photos look a bit frightening to be honest, way too many people for my liking.

  3. Kamapala Chukwuka

    wow, this was so insightful! I guess I understand why people would want to visit 🙂 Thanks for the lovely tips

  4. Kathy

    Interesting read! Thanks so much for the heads up!

  5. Kavita

    I have always wanted to visit Jaipur. I guess I will plan a trip soon. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. julipal2

    Seems fun to visit and can’t wait to experience something like this.

  7. curatedcassi

    That sounds so annoying! It’s so frustrating to visit a place that’s too touristy. Better luck next time!

  8. huggles2

    Very interesting! I have not heard of this but it sounds like a lot of fun, and if I ever go I will keep these tips in mind!

  9. ashnadas

    It’s indeed a helpful post. It will help people decide if they exactly want to visit during this time.

  10. itissimplyfriendly

    Hmm didn’t think of that. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Mane

    Thank you for sharing these tips! Now we have an idea when is the best time to visit Jaipur.

  12. AncaAndor

    I can’t imagine how busy it gets during the festival! Way to many people lol! But looks so fun!

  13. Angel Lou

    It looks fun though. But yeah crowded place sort of a bit tiring.

  14. wanders miles

    I was in Jaipur in January for the Kite Festival, it was awesome! The Literature Festival does look pretty hectic though, great tips for attending!

  15. theglobetrotterguysoutlookcom

    India has been on our bucket list for quite some time now and we’ll soon be starting our research. Thanks for sharing these tips – really useful and interesting read!

  16. Thankfully had been to Jaipur when there was no event going on! But it’s true of any place during any festival or events…crowds..traffic jam..overpriced hotel and that all good stuffs.

  17. Sippin Gypsy

    This was a great read. A lot of desirable locations are overrun by tourism during certain desirable events! This was a great reminder to us to know what is happening in our destination city and take advantage of the surrounding areas that may be quieter when crowds are drawn to an event! Thank you for sharing!
    Sippin Gypsy

  18. dwyeraddie

    I think it’s like that for most popular festivals. If you’re really into it then it’s still probably worth going… I guess if you don’t love it then maybe skip.

  19. Christina Lyon

    Holy guacamole those are crazy crowds! I’m not a fan of crowds at all so I’ll take your advice and avoid visiting during the festival.

  20. Toyin Adekola

    This is very useful information especially for those who don’t like crowds. However, not visiting at this time will mean missing the festival lol

  21. Ethel

    Huuuuh, sounds like a real hustle! I also hate overcrowded places and if to be honest – when travelling to new place I would like to see how locals live there and not to make my way through the other tourists.

  22. Crisly Zerrudo

    I don’t like going to festivals, it’s always like this. Over crowded and I don’t like to be in that crowd, it’s really a hustle.

  23. pickypenguinmama

    Great tips! This will make the Jaipur experience so much better❤️

  24. jojocrazedquirks

    I am so not a crowd person so I”m glad reading a post like this. Great read

  25. Shaily

    I agree with you that the hotels are overpriced and the city is quite crowded during the festival time. Unless someone is interested in attending the literature festival, it is better to avoid visiting the place during that time. Jaipur is such a beautiful city with rich history and its majestic forts and other landmarks can be best enjoyed when less crowded.