Shettihallli Holy Rosary Church – Where ruins tell a story.

Shettihallli Holy Rosary Church – Where ruins tell a story.


Shettihalli is a small village that is 2 hour bus ride away from Hassan. While going through the internet I came across this church that became a must visit for me.

Holy Rosary church was built in 1860 on the banks of Hemwathi river along with a river that existed near its banks. In 1960 a dam was built on Hemawathi river and the village was relocated but the church stayed.

Front view of Holy Rosary Church in Shettyhalli

This church has now become an example of life and struggle, the way it submerges into water everytime when it rains and then comes out to survive another year. The Gothic style of architecture makes this church an architectural beauty. A beauty that tells the story of human struggle with everytime when it submerges in the flood and then emerges again.

The burnt walls of Holy Rosary Church as seen from inside

I reached Shettihalli after a 2 hour bus ride from Hassan. After I saw the pics and description of the church on different sites I couldn’t wait to be there so as soon as I completed visiting Belur, Helebidu and Shravanbelagola I hopped on a bus going to Shettihalli. What confused me was that there were two buses going to two different Shettihallis. One was Shettihalli and another was Shetti-Halli. After asking around a bit and trusting my instincts I got into a bus for Shettihalli village and finally reached there when the sun was about to go down.

Holy Rosary Church Shettihalli

There I realized that the church was another 2 kms away from the main village. Since the village was relocated they built a new church in the village. There was no mode to go further so I decided to walk but soon I got lift on a tractor that was going to the same place where I had to go.


I could see the Church from far far away, I was slowly walking towards it while it kept emerging in front of me. This church is an architectural marvel. The main door of the church faces the river. Just sitting here watching sun go down took me back in the past when this church was surrounded by flourishing villages and on every mass people used to gather here in huge crowds. There is a tower that is home of many birds that you can see returning home after a busy day. This Church is built entirely on bricks and mortar.


Standing here kept giving me chills and Goosebumps, I was so amazed by this place that I wanted to stay here for more time, may be forever but night was falling, the tractor guys were soon going to finish their work and I was tired enough to take a walk till the village so I took a lift from them going back to the village.

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At 6:30 PM there was no sign of bus going back to Hassan. The next bus, as I was told, was supposed to arrive around 8:30 and there was no sign of transport that could take me back to Hassan. I had no other option than to wait, I waited for dunno how long until I got lift on a jeep that was going to Hassan railway station. I bid the old church goodbye with a promise to return again hoping that it keeps standing the way it is today when I return.

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    Wow! I feel that I should visit the place. You weaved interest along with excitement to see such a place! Thank you!