Review: Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen – McLeodganj

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Mcleodganj is loaded with eateries of all kinds. There are Tibetan restaurants serving hot momos with rice soup, North Indian restaurants, quaint Coffee shops and numerous roadside dhabas always running for budget travelers.

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When it comes to international cuisine, McLeodganj is perhaps one of the places that will always leave you surprised with the number of choices and pocket friendly options. Among those restaurants, Jimmi’s Italian Kitchen is one of the eatouts that I always recommend.

Listing down a few of my personal favorites

Blueberry Cheesecake – Their blueberry cheesecake is one of the best. Perhaps among top 3 I have had during my travels. Fresh prepared this cheesecake simply melts in your mouth.

Jimmy Mcleodganj

Pizza – For me, the roasted chicken pizza is the winner. Jimmy’s will tell you how you can have pizza in its true sense. The slices are dripping with cheese and there is a huge chunk of roasted chicken that is as big as the slice of pizza itself. It cannot get better than this.

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Nacho Veg Salad – The nachos veg salad is loaded with veggies and nachos added in equal proportions to relish your taste buds.

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Apart from these, their café latte, choice of pastas, bruschetta and salads are world class. Excellent ambience and lovely music makes your visit more awesome. Like most of the traveler cafes, Jimmy’s has a board filled with messages from travelers from all corners of the world who talk about their amazing personal experience.

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So next time when you are in Mcleodganj, a visit to Jimmy’s will only add an extra jewel on the crown of your memories of this lovely place.

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