Reasons you should spend your next Vacations in Mangalore

Reasons you should spend your next Vacations in Mangalore

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Mangalore is the starting point of Konkan and is on the shore of always cool and calm Arabian sea. Its peaceful and pleasant environment is something one can enjoy along with scenic beauty everywhere. If you haven’t been to Mangalore then here are few reasons that will make you visit this place during your next vacations here.

  1. Introduce yourself to Western Ghats – Mangalore is few kilometers away from Kudremukh and Hanumangundi falls. Buses run continuously from the city and easily accessible by road as well. You can start with a visit to Hanumangundi falls and then travel towards Kudremukh peak that is a real good trekking zone as well. On route you can take a visit to Kudremukh National park as well. Nature has blessed this place with immense beauty that you cannot miss.hanumang
  2. Beaches – Mangalore is the land of Arabian Sea and has beautiful beaches both popular and unpopular ones everywhere. The costal belt from Mangalore covers nearby places like Udupi and Manipal and faraway places like Murudeshwar and Gokarna.  marvvvs
  3. Temple trail – One more thing Mangalore is famous for is temples. There are some beautiful and old temples in Mangalore famous for their architecture. Few of these temples like 1000 pillars and statue of Bahubali are popular among Jain pilgrims as well. In fact life in Mangalore is so slow that you’ll find a spiritual connection with your mind if you leave yourself a peace.
  4. Sea food – Sea food is something that you cannot miss here. From Squids to the special fish curries here. On a totally different note Rotti Curry is a must try where you are here along with bondas that you can eat a 100 of them and still won’t feel stuffed.kori
  5. Backwaters – Last but not the least, Mangalore provides beautiful locations for backwaters. Other than Kerela this is one place where you can Sea Beaches and Backwaters at the same time. There are a lot of backwater resorts where you can rest between palm and coconut grooves and sip toddy.

Mangalore is a must visit location for anyone who want to spend some time in peace and nature’s beauty. If you are lucky rains will welcome you that will make your visit thousand times better than what you imagined.

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