Reality Check!

Reality Check!

What are we waiting for? We all now that life never goes smooth. Yet we keep so much expectations from it.. We dream..dream big…dream unbelievable things..We know it wont become a reality..Ever..But..Who cares! we are here to dream

We are here to build hopes, let them be false or true…Learn what life is…Set yourself free, step out of comfort zone.. experience what hell is..Run out of money in middle of nowhere.! Trust your instincts. And then come out victorious …. we continue dreaming…such cute dreams..we feel ever happy in the dream world..but when it comes to reality..WHERE DO WE STAND? literally NOWHERE!

We earn to spend and spend to earn…mysterious life is! and we were the ones who created money and involved into endless mystery all along..! every engineering student dreams big..hopes for the dream job and simply imagines life to be kewl!

WILL WE EVER PERFORM A REALITY CHECK? dream big but realistic..! achievable dreams are much better! think before u dream.

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