Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect

Placebo effect is a phenomenon in which the patient gets cured by a medicine which is fake or ineffective, or a surgery which wasn’t really done. e.g: a person had high fever, the doc gives him some pills which have no curing properties in them and yet the patient gets cured.

This effect worked on my little cousin few days back. One day she came back from school early crying about stomach pain. Now stomach aches are not a big deal for 10 year old kid

Her parents got worried after pain continued for day 2 or at-least she kept complaining about and they took her to a doctor. He was a nice guy otherwise normally doctors recommend medicines for sake of commission. After some tests and unable to find out he guessed that she was simply faking that pain, but why would she? Her tests or exams nothing was going to happen for next two months.

She kept complaining about pain so they took her back to doctor again next day, this time doctor gave her some medicines and told that if it doesn’t stop till tomorrow then they’ll have to go for surgery.

This was enough after having to tablets (that was anar-dana actually) she got alright by evening and started going to school from next morning.

In case of illness although the regulation of the body systems is not voluntary, it is linked to what a person feels and believes.

So answer lies within u, and so does the cure.

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