Photos Essay – A Trip To Ajmer Sharif

Popularly called Gharib Nawaz, the benefactor of the poor, Khawaja-ji established the Chishti order of Sufism situated in Rajasthan a few kilometers away from Delhi and Jaipur.

His successor of the spiritual order was Khawaja-ji’s disciple Hazrat Bakhtiyar Kaki, whose shrine is in Mehrauli, south Delhi.

Hazrat Kaki was succeeded by his pupil Baba Farid. His shrine is in Pakpattan, Pakistan. He was succeeded by Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya

Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty

Darawaja (door) of Dargah was too big which signifies the ”Grand Gate of DARGAH” boundary & a soft breeze of air touch you as you enter inside.

Dargah Ajmer SharifDargah Ajmer SharifAjmer is one of the favourite pilgrimage of Muslim community and people visit from all around the world but the crowd here is heterogeneous. Narrow lanes around the Dargah have many shops that sell religious items like Chadar, flowers, aggarbatti, thread (moli). Cloth shops selling Pathani’s, Kurta’s, Safa (round cap) etc.

Ajmer-sharifBird’s eye view of Ajmer Sharif cityAjmer Sharif travel  Ajmer-Sharif-travel-2

“Adhai Din ka Jhopara”

The place is said to be made in a time period two & half days hence the name.Adhai din ka jhopda Ajmer Amjer-Jhopda  Adhai din ka jhopda designes

None of the two pillars at Adhai Din ka Jhopda is designed in similar patternAdhai din Ajmer Market in the lanes of Ajmer

Ajmer 1

Sun Set at Ana Sagar Lake.Ana Sagar Lake


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