Photo Essay: Ranchi and around – In the monsoon

Photo Essay: Ranchi and around – In the monsoon





Ranchi in the monsoon season is nothing less than heaven. Ranchi is the one of the most beautiful untouched locations for travelers as of now.

Places like Pahadi Mandir (below) give you an amazing panoramic view of the city of which there is no match. Ranchi 1

And then there is Rock Garden and Kanke Dam adjacent to each other. Where else you’ll get this view and so much greenery? Ranchi 3 Ranchi 4 Ranchi 5 Ranchi 6 Ranchi 6a

The trail around Rock Garden (below) and Kanke Dam (Above) had all the beauty of nature flowing in. The rain made it look more beautiful. Ranchi 7

After exploring Ranchi I decided to visit the outer areas of Ranchi and the search led me to Hundru falls. Pristine, secluded and the greenery filled this area. Ranchi 8

Another small waterfall that formed near Hundru falls because of monsoons.Ranchi 9

These water bodies are too clean to be real. A friend suggested that this should actually be a spa. Ranchi 10

This route popularly known as Patratu ghati is between the route from Ranchi to Ramgarh, giving amazing shades of Green, no matter how far you can see. Ranchi 11 Ranchi 12

And again around Ranchi, where else you are going to get this view, the weather and so much greenery around you. Ranchi 14 Ranchi 16

This is one of the few routes on which I traveled around Ranchi. Pretty much evident to sum up the experience. Ranchi 18 Ranchi 20I can go on talking about my experience but it is pretty much repeating of words like green, amazing and beautiful. The monsoon season in Ranchi and in Jharkhand wont end till September so if you are looking to travel around some offbeaten track then this is the place you should visit.

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