Pattan Kodoli Haldi Festival – Where Everything Turns Golden

Following Indian festivals has taken me to places far and beyond. This land of immeasurable diversity has these interesting events hiding in plain sight and other than a few travellers and photographers, hardly anyone knows about them.

pattan Kodoli haldi festival

One such event is Haldi Festival at Pattan Kodoli that is organized in the month of November in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur District. The festival is organized in the honour of Vittal Birdev who is a highly revered figure among the shepherd community of this region. The festival is organized upon the of his arrival as he predicts rainfall and other natural occurrences during the coming year.


I found out about this festival through some photos on Instagram. The flying golden colours made me go crazy to attend the event. I was in Goa so I figured out that I will take a bus to Kolhapur, stay there for two days and will return to Mumbai or Goa depending on my schedule. And so I did.

pattan Kodoli haldi festival 2

I check in to a budget hotel in the city and after freshening up, I walked out in search of a ride to Pattan Kodoli. I ran into two guys walking around with their DSLRs. They too were going to the same place and they asked me to join them.


pattan Kodoli haldi festival dates 2019

The first day of the festival is kind of dull. Nothing happens much. Devotes from nearby districts and even Belgaum arrive in the city, a huge fair is organized and a little bit of Haldi is played. But this is just a small glimpse of what is about to happen on day 2. We wandered around the temple complex and then left by lunch.

pattan Kodoli haldi festival dates 2019

Mood of festival completely changed on second day. The crowd increased by tenfold. you would see people throwing Haldi, i.e., turmeric powder everywhere. A ‘Baba’ sat in the middle of the crowd and people threw Haldi at him to seek his blessings. Hailing from Anjungau Village, Sri Keloba Rajabau Waghmode, known as the ‘Baba’ of the devotees, walks 17 days from his village to reach Pattan Kodoli for the festival every year.


Devotees also perform various kinds of tasks for penance. You’ll see people getting stuck by hunters, two at a time. The sounds that comes out when the leather strikes the person’s body is enough to understand the level of pain one would feel.

Kolhapur haldi festival

The festival then proceeds inside the temple complex where people dancing and singing throw haldi at each other. I meet another group of photographer and they take me to the rooftop from where we can get better views. It slowly becomes really crowded and suffocating.

Kolhapur haldi festival  2

During the course of festival, I somehow lost my slippers. While I was looking for it, someone suggested me to take someone else’s slippers so I did. When I went inside the temple, I had to leave my slippers outside that were stolen again. So I again took someone else’s slippers and walked out.

Kolhapur haldi festival Vittar birdev yatra Vittar birdev yatra 2

The singing and dancing goes till 3 PM after which Vittal Birdev arrives in in temple. I will never suggest anyone to stay around the temple entrance because the crowd goes in frenzy. The state of trance increases and everyone starts running to take a glimpse of ‘Baba’. He has a sword in his hand and blood seems to be dripping out of it. But his state of trance doesn’t allow him to feel the pain. I had to save myself and run outside the temple after which I couldn’t see anything because the sea of turmeric had filled up the air.

Vittar birdev yatra KolhapurDSC_0797Vittar birdev yatra Kolhapur 2

Precaution – Keep camera covered when you go to shoot such events because the more turmeric flew in air, the more it went inside my camera and at some point it totally lost it focus.

Vittar birdev yatra Kolhapur 12pattan Kodoli haldi festival

Next day, when I reached Mumbai, I went straight to a camera repair shop and asked them to service it. Almost 250 gms of haldi was sitting inside my camera. I wonder what the shopkeeper must be thinking of me.


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  1. missmisanthrop

    Amazing photography. Thanks for sharing your experience with this festival, I’m always excited to learn more about other cultures.

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    This looks amazing! Your pictures turned out so awesome. I would love to go to a festival like this!

  3. bythewaygaby

    Sounds like a huge waste of turmeric, however I understand the importance and meaning of traditions. However I’m sure it was a beautiful experience. 🙂

  4. reikamisakisan

    This looks like a fun festival! It’s nice to know that you had fun!

  5. Marjie Mare

    I am always open to learning about new cultures and festivities. This is a very interesting festival that I have never heard of. Thanks for sharing.

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    It seems like a joy, wouldnt mind more colors to make it a colorful experience.

  7. Danielle

    Such a cool festival. It looks like a lot of fun to attend.

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    I didn’t know about this festival even though I hail from India. Loved reading it and seeing the vibrant images. Thanks for sharing

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    This looks such an interesting festival, very colorful! I love turmeric but I don’t know how would it be like to be covered with it 🙂 Lovely pictures, thank you!

  10. amayszingblogs

    The festival reminds me of the music video of Coldplay A Hymn for the weekend that they featured this festival on their music video I would love to attend this festival someday.

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    This festival looks like a lot of fun. I would love to attend it one year for sure!

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    This looks like a very awesome festival. Thank you for sharing. Just learned something new.

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    This is stunning! I would love to experience this

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    You captured these festival photos perfectly and dramatically. You give so much interesting conversation out of these pictures.

  15. Elizabeth O

    This sure is the one festival I would love to experience.