5 Best Places to have Samosa in Patna

Patna’s culinary trail is incomplete without having a bite of samosa. The lovely, hot, red pieces of these amazing snacks when served with chutney is like reaching the gates of heaven. There are lot of amazing places to visit in Patna but it will be a sin if you don’t visit the iconic samosa shops of this city.

Samosa and Chandrakala at New Market

new market patna

Talking about Samosa is incomplete without the ones you’d find at the station road. These samosas are served with amazing chutney made from curd. When you are at the station road, ask for Pashchim Darwaza. A short walk will then take you right in front of two or three small stalls selling lushious chandrakala and samosa.

Tandon ji ka samosa, Patna City

The love of samosa can take you to places far away. If you are visiting Patna City or on a visit to Patna Sahib Gurudwara, then take our some time and hire a cycle rikshaw to New Market. Tandon Ji ka samosa is famous enough that any local will point you in the right direction of the samosa joint. These samosas are served with Tandon Ji’s special chai and green chutney. One simply cannot feel contained with a piece or two.

Gupta Jee Canteen, NIT Patna

A little tough for the outsiders to visit but once you find your way in, it is mandatory to take a bite of the famous samosa of Gupta Jee’s Canteen. The canteen area is also the place where you’ll see the regular hustle bustle of the college campus. Also when you are done with their samosa, take a stroll at the nearby Mahendru Ghat to enjoy some Lemon Tea.

Lucknow Sweet House, Dak Bunglow Chauraha

samosa patna boring road

Unlike most of the samosa shops, the patrons at Lucknow Sweet House have specialized the art of creating Paneer Samosa. Fine chunks of paneer are mixed in the fine mashed potatoes and are fried together to create a relishing experience for your tastebuds. The samosa is best enjoyed here with a piece of Gulab Jamun.

Sindhi Chat and Sweets, Patna Station

samosa chat patna

Among the most famous and popular chat shops in Patna, the name of Sindhi Chat comes first among the locals of the city. While their Samosa is popular and A1, their Hing Kachori is equally popular.

Samosa is the lifeline of Patna. Whether it is an occasion of ladki walas meeting the ladka walas for the first time or a victory of cricket match, samosa is the perfect snack for the event. What is your favorite samosa shops in the city?

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