Parathas on my mind: Murthal

Parathas on my mind: Murthal

Murthal and Parathas simply complement each other. While driving from Delhi towards the highway that leads to Panipat, somewhere in between Murthal and its legendary dhabas stand with all the glory. Their name certainly gives that Haryanvi effect and each one of them claiming to be the ‘No. 1’ or ‘most popular restaurant on the highway.’


Murthal is some 30 km drive from Delhi, or may be little bit more. My plan to visit Murthal came out of nowhere. I met a friend of mine and while driving around Delhi we ended up going to Murthal, otherwise I never heard of the place before this trip.

We stopped at Pahelwan Dhaba, although everyone here talks about Sukhdev dhaba and is one of the most recommended one by most of the delhites. But Pehelwan dhaba was nowhere less than what Sukhdev had to offer. It was not at all what a dhaba looks like, with SUV’s and luxary cars and bikes parked around, the place certainly had a unique charm to it. The restaurant inside was Air-conditioned and the place was so deliciously smelling that is increased my hunger umpteen times. The dining hall was huge and none of the seats were empty. These dhabas are open 24X7 are a popular destination for a midnight drive. There are a lot of small dhabas with wooden benches having trucks parked outside, Murthal serves as a brilliant contrast this country offers.


Take a look at its menu. They have almost every variety of paratha in their list. From aalu, gobhi, pyaz and dunno what, you name it they have it. One unique quality about these restaurants is that most of them are pure veg so if you are on your first visit to this place and are expecting butter chicken then you are going to be disappointed, but then the food at this place is totally worth to turn vegetarian for a day.


The specialty of Pehelwan dhaba is their Aalu Pyaz paratha that they serve with pure white homemade butter. If you want to increase your appetite then don’t forget to order a lime juice before placing your order. The staff here is fully uniformed who almost look like professionals. Our order took minimal waiting time and soon bunch of hot, yummy, soft and mouth-watering parathas were served on our table.

IF you want to try something local you can always go with Makke ki roti and sarso ka saag and in the end tea and gulab jamuns are a must. This dhaba experience is too good for not to visit again and again, you’ll end up stuffing your stomach at it won’t even cost you that much.

My friend being a car enthusiast had his glory of touching his Volkswagen at maximum speed that was around 180. The road was so empty that anyone would love do that but only when you know how to drive properly. Also when you return take care that you don’t start feeling sleepy that will happen for sure.

So next time you are in Delhi and plan an outing, just drive towards Murthal. You won’t forget the experience.

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