A lifestyle called Paharganj

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Paharganj, a name that every newcomer, every traveler coming to Delhi knows about way before visiting the capital. Doesn’t matter from where you are traveling from if there is one place in Delhi that most of the newcomers will know that will be Paharganj.

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Paharganj is not just a place, it is a lifestyle. It is just not an area confined within walls or imaginary borders but it is a place with many places located inside it. It is a foodie heaven, a shopping hub, a traveler’s den, a collector’s paradise, backpacker’s ghetto, a photographer’s dream and for some even a red light area that exists somewhere.

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Paharganj is the most popular destination for backpackers. Cheap accommodation, international restaurants, and being nearby to railway station makes it a favorite for everyone coming to Delhi. This place is flooded with people of all kind, from rich international visitors to Israeli Hippies and from backpackers to Indian families on tour of Delhi and beyond.

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Paharganj is a foodie heaven. There are places that serve delicious pancakes, India cuisine and Chinese delicacies at dirt cheap prices and the food is to die for.

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Paharganj is not the most attractive part of Delhi but the life that keeps on running makes it special. Even at 2 AM midnight you can find shops open and rikshaws running with tourists arriving and departing from Delhi. Noise and Chaos never end here, for outsiders Paharganj holds every reason to get an negative opinion about India. The garbage, the animals roaming on streets and a guy waiting for fool them at every other corner are few of the reasons for that.

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Walking in Paharganj is a surreal experience. For a lot of travelers Paharganj is Delhi.

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