Open letter to the Indian Railways

Open letter to the Indian Railways

Train No : 1242 Magadh Express . From : NDLS . Departure time : 20:10 pm . Delay in Departure : 8 Hours . Expected Departure Time : 4:30 am . SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE This is what the position of Magadh Express running from Patna to Delhi was on 20-11-2011 and so was the position of all the other trains be it any route, with an excuse given about the fog! But as far as my experience counts, this is something that happens every day, foggy or not. Your trains don’t run on time , serve bad food , TTs sell their seats and the listjust keeps on expanding. You have 20 trains running in the same route and even after that general public don’t gets tickets on time while at the same time Agents get them and sell it at whatever amount they want. 3 years back before you removed Lalu Prasad Yadav as the Railway Minister, there was no such problem (funny but true). Trains used to run on time and tickets were available to the general public. Indian Railways now look more like a base for people serving their political motives and caring less about the public. Trains stop at random places, not even stations, without giving a damn about what trouble the passengers are into and what they will get into if a mob breaks inside. People call railways the safest way to travel; but train accidents are more common than trains reaching their destination on time, and forget about the destination our trains don’t even arrive on the station they are supposed to start from on time, forget about the whole journey. Every year during the Railway Budget, 40 new trains are announced. But no one ensures safety and convenience of the passengers. The Tatkal system is now 1 day prior changed from 2 days prior changed from 5 day prior to the date of the journey is even more troubling. The biggest mystery of it is how come we never get tickets after standing hours in the line and people who pay the agents get tickets for any day they want? And even after you don’t have the ticket you can go to station and contact TT for a reasonable amount given you can get a seat without any problems! I won’t go deep into talking about the condition of the railway tracks and trains and further on because you people won’t give a damn about all that until you can rape railways as much as you can. But at least stop making the lady with computerized voice saying “SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE” because every hour the train gets late it feels like ripping her chords out and setting that loudspeaker on fire. And even after suffering so much I never complain how I never get a hot female passenger sitting next to me or how only my charging points never work in the whole compartment and how I missed Sunny Leone’s entry in Bigg Boss house because I arrived home a day late , but at least the train in which I am traveling can be on time so that the boredom and suffering I go through may get over by the time it is supposed to.

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  1. Doodle Dude

    Damn right man…once my train was delayed for 16 hours..i was going to pune to meet my girlfriend's parents.Her dad still hasn't forgotten me…