On love and little bit indifference and betrayal

On love and little bit indifference and betrayal

This is not just another blogpost on love, like every other crap written and said about love through various medium like books, movies, quotes and many others. In the end they say – love is the most fine and delicate thing in the world, and yet it so so strong that it can move mountains and stuffs. I wonder how that is even possible, I mean that is the most stupidest shit I have come across in my life. I mean it sounds okey but practically it is totally impossible.

But then…

If I recall past memories, I am a living proof of “love actually makes our mind numb’ it stops our thinking and makes us weak and dependent on others mentally and emotionally (especially to those whom we love and are close to).

I have now realized that if our life is going smooth and that is where we are wrong most of the times. Because I have recently learned that when every thing is going right in your life it means its wrong somewhere and when you come to realize it is very and we always end up regretting. There is a part of me who still believes that there is good in everyone and this always end up in getting hurt by their actions even if I don’t deserve it.

So , someone like me who has believed so much in love and being good by going out of the way , have now realized that indifference is equally important in our lives because without hate no one shall value love, without evil no one shall value good and without black there is no value of white.

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  1. That Other Girl

    1. You appear to be high when you wrote this post.
    2. Selfless love is a myth (except for a mother’s love)
    3. Bhagwaan pe bharosa rakho, if there is a bhagwan in the first place