Negative Stereotyping of Thai Girls is wrong and it is Time We Spoke against it

Negative Stereotyping of Thai Girls is wrong and it is Time We Spoke against it

Thailand is a country where every traveler will find something that interests them. You want to chill at a beach, go scuba diving, enjoy an island hopping luxury boat cruise in Krabi or trek around the jungles of Chiang Mai, Thailand has everything. But sadly, sex tourism has given it an image that makes many tourists arrive here with misconceptions.

This becomes problematic when tourists start seeing every female they meet in Thailand with the same expectation that they are a part of the industry. This leads to misbehavior with hotel staff, tour operators and random citizens with day to day live not even connecting with the travel industry in the remotest way possible.

It is a common misconception about Thailand that a majority of population is dependent on tourism industry. Did you know that Thailand has a thriving IT industry? It is also a major assembly hub for car brands from around the world. It is also the second largest exporter of computer hard drives. This is why it is important to do some homework and understand what people actually do in Thailand before jumping to conclusions.

Negative stereotypes against any community around the world are wrong. This becomes more problematic because you are insulting their profession and their personal lives. The issue is also concerning because when someone comes here with this mindset then they start harassing common folks and eventually get in trouble because Thai Police is very strict. By misbehaving, you also give your country a bad name, something with which we Indians can relate.

A Thai bar girl and a regular Thai girls are as different has day and night. But that doesn’t mean that a bar girl deserves to be misbehaved with because whatever you learn that from the misogynistic mindset given by your country. And this is moreeeee problematic when this leads to believing that every female, Thai or not, is there for just one purpose and that is, yes, hooooking up. But let me tell you, no one wants to hookup with someone acting like a Big Bad Wolf on Steroids.

Thai folks are warm individuals, although they are very hardworking and don’t waste their time in chit chat unless you are really close. And when you are traveling this far to visit a country, arrive with respect in mind and see how things unfold. You are not a child let lose in a toy store. You will end up creating a bad example, not only for yourself, but for your country too.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that such stereotypes still exist and it’s a world issue. Being Nigerian there’s plenty of stereotypes we combat with both in country and overseas. I hope people become better and less hasty to generalise.