Nandi Hills – Hill Fortess of Bangalore.

Nandi Hills – Hill Fortess of Bangalore.

I have been to Nandi Hills a lot of time. This was the first ever road trip I went to an the first travel story that I blogged about.

When in Bangalore Ooty, Coonoor need a lot of planning and depends on everyone’s availability. Even Mysore become depended on plans and trip schedule problems but Nandi hills is evergreen. So if one wants one day trip to some place Nandi Hills is the best place to visit.

Plans to Nandi Hills during my college days used to come up all of a sudden. A chai sutta session at 3 AM and next you’ll find that you are among group of bikes going to this place.

We used to leave at 4 or 4:30 to catch the sunrise, in those days we didn’t had anything like GPS phones or google maps so all we depended on local people.’

As you come closer toward Nandi Hills the climate and weather will become pleasant. You’ll see vast vast greenry and lost of fruits (I forgot the name) hanging around.
The road is very well maintained and you really wont have problem in driving up there. Enjoy sunrise there and the cold breeze. Experience walking on the clouds and test your photography skills, but look out for monkeys. Those nasty ancestors or ours are a big trouble. If you carry food packet they’ll take no time in snatching it from your hands.

When going towards the top of the hill, don’t race your way. Take rest and move. That way you’ll get less tired. As this place was a fortress once so you can find a lot of watch stations around which give a nice view of the surrounding area.

As you reach towards top it will get windy and cloudy slowly. On the top most point there is a point called Tipu Drop which was once used to throw prisoners.

You can stay here till 8 or mostly 9 because after that it will start getting hot. Also don’t act like idiots pulling off stunts. A little mistake can be dangerous.

Nandi Hills is an excellent weekend gateway and for us it never got boring everytime we went there. If you are in Bangalore then you should visit this place for once.

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