Important things to pack for your Nagaland Trip

Nagaland is one of the pristine destinations that one needs to visit at-least once in their lifetime. Nagaland offers a plethora of activities and unseen places to explore. The experience of travelling Nagaland like a local is very unique.


When you have planned a trip to Nagaland, you must look around for information and internet is the best place to learn more about this state. You’ll probably search for best places to visit in Nagaland and list down some of the best ones like Kohima, Pfutsero and Vishwema, Jafpu peak and more. Many travel companies also provide honeymoon packages for North East India and you can easily book them. But the most fun is when you do a trip to Nagaland by yourself.

Dzukou valley

So if you are travelling to Nagaland by yourself then you need more info. Just learning about best places to travel in Nagaland and best time to visit North East will not help you. A list of essential items to pack during Nagaland trip is very necessary.

Here are some of the important things you must carry during your Nagaland trip.

Documents – Nagaland is one of the three states in North East India where you need an Inner Line permit to enter. The permits require necessary documents like pan card, aadhar card, driving license, or voters ID along with passport size photos. If needed, you should also keep your travel details printed just for the convenience.

More information on Nagaland ILP can be found here –

Some other essential stuff that will come useful are –

Sunscreen lotion – Protects you from bright sun that may peel off your nose skin.

Camera with extra batteries – You may end up at places where you will not find a chance to charge your camera battery. An extra one sounds like a smart decision.

Nagaland packing

Clothing – Nagaland is a cold state. The temperature of Nagaland during December reaches zero. If you are coming to Nagaland for Hornbill festival then you must carry warm jackets, sweatshirts, face protection cap, gloves and thermal wear (body, legs and socks). You can explore Nagaland in normal sport shoes unless you are going on Dzukou Valley trek. Apart from these, trousers, undergarments and specs/contact lenses should be packed as per your convenience.


Medicines – If you are on medication then consult your doctor about what you should carry where there. Carry pain relief balm or spray, tablets for motion sickness and loose motions. Cold, cough and headache tablets are also very important.

Sunglasses – Sunglasses will protect your eyes from extra bright sun.

Tripod – Only if you are a hardcore photographer. Otherwise you can keep your rucksack free from this necessity.

tripod in nagaland

Rain Gear – Rain in Nagaland is very common. You should carry a poncho as well as waterproof cover for your bags.

Tent – If you plan to go on trekking in Nagaland then carry a tent and sleeping bag. Many best resorts in Nagaland offer hiking and rock climbing activities. If you plan to do these then you should carry gear accordingly.

camping dzukou valley

Power Bank – Just like camera, your phone may run out of charge. Make sure that you carry a power bank to keep your phone fully charged.

Once you are done with packing, you can look for best hotels in Nagaland or cheap backpacker hostels in Nagaland to match your expenses. There are a lot of cheap guest houses in Kohima where you can crash and enjoy your travels.



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