My time in Buxar

My time in Buxar

My introduction to Bihar that exists beyond Patna happend when my father got transferred to that place. For a place that barely had enough voltage to run two fans in a house and electricity that visited us for half an hour to the most it was not that bad for a person like me who is interested in history and mythology.

Buxar is an ancient city named originated from VyaghraSar, the tiger shaped Rishi Vedshira, an outcome of the curse of the sage Rishi Durvasa. Situated on banks of Ganges, this place is where Lord Ram and his brother did their schooling and that famous Gurukul is now evolved to Vishwamitra University. Only if now they had students when it had earlier

Being a place of mythological and historical importance this city has a lot to offer, Naulakkha temple is one of the few temples in Bihar made in style of South Indian architecture, for a North Indian temple this temple has priests from South India. The traditional Gopuram or the entrance gate of South Indian temples exists that gives a beautiful view and peace. Buxar fort is another building of historical importance situated on banks of River Ganga this fort was made by Raja Rudra Deo in 1054 AD.

I hardly had anything to do everything I went to Buxar, so in evening I used to walk around banks of Ganga and sit there for hours. Then I took a walk in main market refreshing my tastebuds with son-papdi, ras malai and yummy litti. At times I used to visit Nath Baba’s Temple situated on banks of ganga and feel the cold breeze that used to run along that place, and that ancient small temple that hardly anyone cares about dedicated to demoness Tarka who was killed by Lord Ram at this very place.

My parents lived in Buxar for three long years and life was slow as a passenger train here. Nothing to do, nowhere to go and hardly any enjoyment. Everytime there was powercut for 3 days straight nearby temples used to organize bhajan satsang so that people keep themselves busy. While driving one could visit the ground on which battle of Buxar happened and check out that destroyed winning post that The British had built on that ground. 

Shifting to Patna makes me realize one thing. Life was simple unlike the capital, simple people far away from showoff. I’ll like to visit that city even for few hours if possible only to take walk along River ganga that is cleaner and holier than the one that comes in Patna.

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  2. Saurabh

    Being a native of Buxar, I used to go there once every year in my summer vacations.