My first attempt at science fiction

My first attempt at science fiction

Time: In near future 
Place: Somewhere in the world
Nikhil and Priya
Husband and Wife
The couple like most of the people in the world right now was watching the news, how combined efforts of world’s governments to stop the comet failed as not one comet but many pieces of it would strike earth that got disintegrated by the nuclear attack. Every country has declared the threat level of their highest level among their citizens. Animals and birds are already panicking. Just few minutes back the couple’s German shepherd broke the chain by force and is now running around the house like crazy. Poor animal tried hard to warn everyone of the coming danger but only if he could speak so, he continues running around.
Nikhil wanted to go see his parents but roads are already jammed and other ways for travel were shut down as well. There were riots and chaos on the roads, people panicking and last moment prayers were being offered in every Temple, Church, Mosque or whatever religious institution it be.
Funny it is that people think praying will stop what is coming or maybe it will simply lessen their suffering.
The comet’s path was detected some 3 years back by the scientists at ISRO. While international space stations rejected the news calling it a hoax and that the comet will change its direction in few years and end up passing nearby earth but as a safety measure government bodies and NGOs started building anti nuclear bunkers in every city for protection of citizens and valuables.
2 hour after the strike: No one and nothing survived in the bunkers made by government contractors.
Nikhil and Priya were married for 5 years now. They met in college and after some objections from both sides everyone agreed. Right now they were looking at their old photographs from college and marriage. If this was not happening they would have planned for a child but they decided not to bring an innocent being in this world just to show him how it is going to end. They on their own expenses built an underground bunker under their house with supplies that would end by almost 5 years.
3:30 PM: The first comet fell in Atlantic Ocean and the Tsunami raised by it drowned a part of North America and entire UK. 
By now televisions either stopped broadcasting or some repeat telecast was going on. Nikhil and Priya  finished having their dinner, perhaps the most romantic dinner of all times. Nikhil was going to play Priya’s favourite movie but a tremor diverted his attention.
It was time to test the bunker that private contractor made.
If it worked then other than this family that private contractor’s family would survive for sure for the next five years.
Another part of that comet fell in Far Off India Ocean and another large part was destroyed in tsunami. At 4:43 the final game started and comets started hitting on their targets. People kept praying and everything on surface got wiped off in seconds. Inside that massive structure the couple kept feeling shocks and tremors. At times it felt if someone is knocking on the door trying to come in but after no one answering it simply turns back and goes away only to come back.
Death and destruction continued their dance for next few hours. When the show got over the audience was mesmerised and speechless.
It was almost 7:30 when the big rocks stopped falling from the sky. There were ashes everywhere. Massive structures that used to be big cities looked like some post apocalyptic colony described in science fiction novels and movies. Only a few cockroaches could be seen running around as if they are the new rulers of this planet.
They should stop thinking that, my characters are still alive.
People still alive in the bunkers were losing hope. Many went insane and started killing each other or got killed in the process. Nikhil and Priya survived on each other’s love. There was no waking up early no hurry of going to office or missing an appointment some day. They didn’t know how much time passed but it was almost two years now. By this time Priya lost all her hair that Nikhil loved like anything. The look that they carried was a humanoid figure without hairs or eyebrows, eyes turned kind of spiral and they lost all their nails. While the whole world panicked the couple supported each other.
3 year later
 The radiation was almost finished weather took a major change on the planet. Cockroaches evolved and became a little more intelligent but yet not convinced by the idea of war or divided by religions. Continents changed shape while a large part was engulfed into ocean,  the land somehow found its own methods to survive.
4 year later
Nikhil and Priya finally decided to go out. They took each other’s hand and opened the door. A cool breeze came in and refreshed them. They went on the ground to see how different the world had become. It was quiet, it was peaceful. It was free from warring countries and people fighting on the name of religion and issues like them. Nikhil and Priya had to make a better world now and teach the lesson of peace and love for the future generation. A few survivors joined them in the way determined on making a better world.
Nikhil and Priya
Husband and Wife
The last inhabitants of planet Earth
Note: The writing style is taken from Brad Meltzer’s identity crisis and the inspiration for the story was Deep Impact and Independence Day so if found any resemblance is purely inspirational.
 On a side note: If Earth really destroys who will read my blogs then? This is concerning.

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  1. Almost Engineer

    Congratulations, first of all for this post.And yeah, it gave us the hint of Deep Impact and IDday, but what seems more eugenic was the addition of sattirical lines on religion and war..keep it up bro..And all the best for future