Must Visit Solo Travel Destinations in South India

Must Visit Solo Travel Destinations in South India

Now that you all have read a lot of post on my blog about traveling solo and how I have been traveling in India for a quite a while. I decided to list down some places in South India to solo travel. These places are made for travelers and specially those who love traveling alone. Here are some must visit destinations.

Gokarna – Gokarna is 4 hours away from Goa and people who want some change from chaos and crowd in Goa come to this place. Gokarna is popular between travellers mostly because of hiking and trekking points along with secluded beaches where you can relax for as much time you want to. For solo travellers Gokarna is a must visit.

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Hampi – Hampi is a place that is a must for every solo traveller who touches South India especially Konkan or Karnataka in general. The ruins of Hampi attract many travellers from all around the world. Crossing rive Tungabhadra and enjoying sunset on Matanga hill will give you completely soothing experience and on a plus point staying here is as cheap as you can imagine. Homestays charge only 150 rs for a night. Hampi is simply a lovely place to be.


Wayanad – Wayanad is in Kerela and a few kilometer drive from Bangalore. Since this is a newly discovered tourist location it is still separated from the general public attraction. Just like Gokarna the mountains and forests here make this place a lovely choice for hiking and along with it there is caves and Wildlife sanctuary to explore. This small town is filled with coffee plantations and natural waterfalls that you cannot miss. Also if you are a driving enthusiast then a drive across the forest can be a soothing experience.

Varkala – Another destination in Kerala you cannot miss. If you are looking for beautiful beaches and can pass off cheap booze and crowd then Varkala is where you should be. It is situated between Alleppey and Kovalam and while this place is ideal for Honeymoon couples it is also a budget backpacking location for solo travellers with cheap stay and fooding options available everywhere. Along with beaches and party scene this place is famous for Shree Janaradana Swami temple and Shivagiri where you can stay to learn meditation and yoga.

Murudeshwar – Murudeshwar is few kilometers away from Gokarna and Mangalore. This is an old city where time stops from calm beaches and an old temple that stands tall. It is beautiful to rest at the beach and enjoy the sun going down. There are ferrys that take you to nearby island and is something that you can give a try for once.


Pondicherry/Auroville – Pondicherry is less crowded version of Goa. A few hours away from Chennai Pondicherry is popular for sea food, cheap booze and less crowded beaches. Travellers visit Auroville for stay at Aurobindo Ashram to learn meditation and stay away from worldly affairs for some time. Pondicherry specially Auroville is a totally experience because of its unique system by which they operate. When in Auroville cashless living can be fun for a while if you want to experience.

Mahabalipuram – Last but not the least, Mahabalipuram just like Hampi is worth mentioning for the same reasons. Not to be confused with Mahabaleshwar near Pune Mahabalipuram is again a few hours away from Chennai and you can plan your visit to Pondicherry along with it. Mahabalipuram is famous for ancient Indian architecture and rock carvings. It is a small region in this city is cluttered with ruins and beaches enough for you to cover in a day or two and return. Mahabaleshwar is a must for Solo Traveler looking for some ancient Indian history and is travelling down south.


These are top favorite locations for every solo traveller. If you know of other destinations other than these places then do let me know in the comments section.

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  1. forresting365

    THANK YOU for this post! You just reminded me that when I was in India I met a sweet woman who was from Pondicherry. We talked a lot and kept in touch for a while after, but I can be lazy of such things. Your thoughtful post and inclusion of Pondicherry reminds me to see how she’s doing!!!! Yay! 🙂 And since You asked, while I was in India my son had me travel solo to Mount Arunachala. Absolutely mind-blowing. I traveled from Mysore by train and bus. The journey there only took a day or so and I remained the rest of the time. A 2 week solo adventure I cherish dearly, am crazy grateful he suggested and hope to repeat someday. Cheers and Bon Voyage.

  2. David Zoey

    Solo Traveling Destination We must collect all the information. Solo traveling is not an easy task. While traveling solo, we should take care of all the things. I am reading your blog and i get the right information about solo traveling destinations. Really helpful destinations you share on this blog. Thanks!