Mumbai Mishappened

Mumbai Mishappened

It took me half an hour to decide a name for this post and after going through few names I picked this one which I still find too lame for a blog. My past blogs about my Mumbai trip were about my adventures and misadventures I had there during my last visit. Also on a side note, why MS Word spell check terms “Mishappened” as an error but not “Misadventure, ok leave that. I am sure some one will answer that.
It was my last day in Mumbai and according to my parents I left Mumbai two days earlier and right now I am supposed to be in Bangalore, well they think I am right now. Staying at a relative’s place became a torture, not because they are rude or something but because it became too boring to stay at home watch TV and surf internet for two days straight without going out anywhere. 
So I lied my parents that I am leaving for Bangalore, and instead went back to Ayush’s place where another heartbreak saga was building up. My personal experiences tell me that an engineer going through heartbreak transforms into writer. Anyways let’s skip that part and continue with my last part of my misadventure that took me from Mumbai to Pune and then back to Bangalore.
I planned to take a detour to Pune and meet few friends over there. After a small meet with two friends in Mumbai I was supposed to take my ride to Pune in the evening. I am used to girls chitter chatter and that small meet extended beyond the time I was supposed to leave. This was the first time I was leaving from Dadar and so had no idea so things work there. I was told to take a state transport bus and ignore agents. And yet I fell in the trap as an agent lured me about an AC bus whose ticket would be 20 rs less than that State Transport bus.
Seriously,20 rs? Am I that cheap?
When travelling even a waste of 10 rs without reason sounds like a big deal, especially when you have earned that money 😛 , and here I lost 50 rs only in the process of taking a ticket and then canceling it for a shared cab. Earlier I was skeptical about a cab ride but it was just too awesome, the whole Mumbai to Pune journey by a cab and passing through awesome Lonavala in middle of the night is a thing worth that money. Anyways this was the place where all the mishappening started
I still don’t know why this word is a typo? I just Googled which says that this word exists 😐
I was on my way when dad called. When your father works in the same bank where you have your account and from where he can keep track of your transaction records, things don’t turn out good everytime. The evening daddy dearest was going through my transactions and it turned out that my last transaction was from some place called Andher Mumbai. I don’t know how hard it can be to explain a grown man that Bangalore has a place named Andheri Mumbai and I didn’t even made any attempt to explain, high chances were that it would be useless. Tough times were ahead. I simply replied about some error in the system or something as I am very much in Bangalore and then asked him to call in the morning.
Atleast I’ll come out with a genuine excuse by then.
That was what I thought while life had other plans to screw me as always. Mom called e in the morning and asked straight if I ran away to Goa or somewhere with someone? Parents come up with weirdest of questions all the time and for some you won’t even have genuine answers. It took me much longer time to explain her my whereabouts because if I confessed about being in Pune she’ll ask me straight to go to some swami ji’s ashram who seem to working on our family problems in exchange of hefty donation every year and I didn’t wanted to waste my earnings of this baba.
I still don’t understand how Mothers come to know about things all on their own.
Pune happened on the wrong day because everyone was busy with office and work that day. I decided to take a walk on MG Road, not the Bangalore one, this one is much boring compared to ours. Mom called me again while talking in random until she noticed someone talking in Marathi, Bangalore has lot of Marathi people but she was just not ready to understand, she returned to her interrogator mode and showered me with questions, questions and more questions. After unable to do anything I just hung up on her and then decided to take next bus to Bangalore. In the meanwhile Mom called dad and informed him that I have run away somewhere. Dad as usual asked me once or twice and focused on making mom calm.
A traveler wants to be omnipresent but then he wants a phone battery that never runs out more than that.
*Travel tip: When lost don’t make that lost face to a auto or a rickshaw wala, it it costs 10 they’ll ask 50. Also take some walk and you may find that place.
I never had intention to ignore Mom’s calls but then my phone ran out of battery due to excess facebooking and tweeting and Mom thought it was all part of my plan. When you watch too much of saas bahu serials, your mind automatically fills with such conspiracy theories and some for which you have no answer. I have been on more trips to other cities without telling my parents and they still don’t know about it, but this time it was different. After some 5 hours I got into a hotel to charge my phone and first text I received was from Missed calls alert service and in 5 hours. This much protective parents I have when I father when to Ranchi when he was 15 all alone. I felt like a 21t century kid from a middle class family.
In the meanwhile Mom decided to turn from angry mode to sentimental mode.
The next call had all kind of senti speeches and talks from “you have started to lie to me” and “you don’t care about yourself” and thing I don’t even remember. I was received more than 100 calls in few hours and got so tensed that I didn’t even got any sleep that night. Adding to my tortures, bus driver decided to show Jodi Breakers that was very much needed. Next morning I woke up to hear from my brother shouting she got high BP! WTF. I called her and this time her tone was soft in beginning and again the outburst happened which ended with “jo karna hai karo”. This is the scariest thing any mom can say.
Anyways I reached Bangalore next afternoon called Mom who by now returned to her normal phase. In the end my dad finally realized I have grown up, Mom realized she has to let me grow up and by the end of the day some friends were planning a heartiest farewell from the city. Awesome :D.

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  1. Sunny Parampil

    Waah Anshul waah, you can make a movie of your misadventures 😉

  2. Neha

    Hehe..Somehow I didn't dislike this cribby post 😛