Mumbai Happpened

Mumbai Happpened

It’s been a long time since I have blogged something. Past few months were busy like hell. Too much work, then lost my laptop and then lot of travel, and by lot of travel I mean to say too much. And then who gets time to write when you are at home (along with few tragedies that happened). I decided to write about my vacations with memorable incidents happened in between. 
Mumbai trip was the best trip I ever had in recent times, especially when I was having such a bad time in Bangalore. This was the last trip that I was going to take to somewhere from Bangalore, and all my favorite places are nearby to Bangalore only. When planning for a trip everything seems to fall apart in the last moment, already few friends left the city and rest of them refused to pick the call. I didn’t wanted to stay with the relatives because the stage I am going though brings the same question on everybody’s mouth, “Where are you working” and if the answer is “I am planning to do blah blah and not going to office” it means you are still jobless.
And just before you are about to start your travel all kind of anticipations surround your mind. For me it’s always two things, did I forget the ticket and I check it again and again and what if I get into a wrong bus/train. I have done both, once I got into wrong Graib Rath which was arriving instead of getting into one which had to departure.  And don’t get me started on losing tickets or getting the wrong tickets and all kind of nonsense along side. I have made a list of all kind of non-sense that happen and how to tackle with those.
But then something new gets added in the list when I think enough of these.
I also have constantly warned myself to reach my boarding point at least 2 hour before the departure takes place, which I neglect on regular basis. 2 hour or so before my bus’s departure time I was informed that my bus is cancelled and I was shifted on another bus which was an hour later and it was much better than the previous bus on the same price. I got a feeling that I should leave now but then I decided to check my FB and then twitter and then something else.
That was the time when bad luck decided to joined in. 
The friend who was supposed to drop me at the pickup spot he found that his bike’s tire had a puncture. I left his place in a hurry still at that point what was going in my mind was that I’ll take a bus and reach pickup point on time, and then I went into opposite direction to take bus and wasted some more time there. I wasted more time waiting for bus and then finally decided to take an auto. On my way realized that bad luck is totally in the mood to kick my ass and sent heavy traffic and then rain to bid me farewell. Half way across I decided to change my pickup point and still I was not sure if I’ll be able to catch my bus on time or not. I got my bus which was an upgraded one compared to the bus I choose earlier at the same cost which was 300 rs more than what my bus was supposed to be. 
And Mr. Bad Luck compensated those 300 rs in that auto rickshaw and everything went even.
 I am still lucky that I didn’t miss my bus or went on the wrong pickup point. At least I reached Mumbai on time and safe. Mumbai welcomed me with rains or you can say I brought rains from Bangalore to Mumbai as they had their further plans, but then I too was ready with my plans and I was ready to play by this city’s rules if I had to win.

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  1. Abhishek

    it aint bad luck, its destiny which travels with us

  2. Almost Engineer

    Wow… and you call it bad luck….I'd love to travel this way… Its way more exciting than the usual one.

  3. Yasmeen

    Haha, good one..entertaining as always Anshul! Keep it up =)

  4. halcyyon

    Most of the times, it's the bad luck that makes it face to face and interesting. Smooth isn't fun 😀

  5. Sunny Parampil

    Poor poor you – Murphy was totally fida on you this time 😉 Next time you're in Mumbai, do let me know 🙂

  6. Sweety

    bas bach he gaye is bar shaitan tamatar..nahi to bad journey ho jati 🙂

  7. niharika singh

    i guess while coming back home i got an sms that my town was going hot n dry…in a bizarre and unexpected moment i wrote i'll bring back rains with me.15mnts after i got in my house,i got a text-ghar aa gaye kya?mujhe laga barish ho rahi hai to u must be home!made my day!well written and very nostalgic!when bad luck prevails we often carry the bad mood ahead and not the details to jot down.but here i find u rather apt at not getting away with the mood yet it feels like a thing recieved and locked away in closets has just been revealed and the mind is fresh again!