Mangalore Day 2 – The Duster Saga

Mangalore Day 2 – The Duster Saga


It was my second day in Mangalore and I was all set for another adventurous ride. We were joined by a few more friends and left for the road. We drove and took a stop at a local toddy shop. This was needed for the further long journey that was ahead. Like previous day our ride was the mighty Duster that ran on road like a lion walking in the jungle with pride. It was a part of our journey as much as anyone of us and was clearly evident by Div’s attachment with it.

Backwaters and the Beach


After everyone got high on toddy except our driver who wanted to keep his senses on while driving. This drive was accompanied with a playlist that fitted perfect with the ride. Soon we left the city and were surrounded by the backwaters on both sides of the road. Backwaters like these I was only seen in pictures of Kerela on the internet and till now I have only dreamt of visiting there and today I was here. After an hour of drive we reached Maravanthe beach. This is a beautiful secluded beach away from Udupi and Manipal. Most beautiful thing about this beach is that it is covered with backwaters on the one side while Arabian Sea roars on the other.

Where next?

After spending some time walking and running on the white sand while other decided to take a dip in the ocean we set to moved. Duster was resting on the road waiting for us enjoying both sides of the road. We drove and decided to drop in Murudeshwar. I was supposed to visit this place when I was in Gokarna but fate played its game and dropped me in Goa instead. Now we were driving for the same place.

This beauty


It was almost evening when we reached Murudeshwar. At first instance this looks like an ordinary town but as we moved towards the sea shore I was amazed to see how grand and beautiful this place was. A huge Gopuram (Temple’s main entrance in South India) stands tall between sea roaring on both sides. A huge idol of Shiva is erected nearby the main temple. Sun was going down turning sea and the sky red. After walking around temple and the idol we took our ride on the shore and took a walk on the beach and then decided to return. I for one was mesmerized so much by beauty of this place that I wished to stay here if it was possible but curse my schedule that was forcing me to catch a bus for Bangalore the next evening.


We drove back to the city, memories that I collected and the friends I made in two days was going to stay in my memories forever and will be cherished in coming time. Someday I’ll return here, will explore of this region. Next evening it was raining and traffic chaotic when I left for Mangalore bus stand to catch my bus. I bid goodbye to the city and my friends and left for Bangalore.

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