Magnetic Fields Festival – Where to Stay (Updated Rates for 2020)

Magnetic Fields Music Festival

Magnetic Fields festival is one of the biggest EDM festivals in India and one of the must experience things in Rajasthan. This three day event takes place in Alsisar Rajasthan and witnesses more than 50000 music lovers from India and around the globe dancing on the latest beats from some of the world renowned artists. Alsisar being one of the lesser known places in Rajasthan, becomes very difficult for visitors to get an understanding on travel and stay options.

Magnetic Fields is the perfect stopover for the Indians who have been doing festival hopping between Tomorrowland, OZORA Festival, Burning Man and Electric Daisy and Ultra Music Festival. Seeing the best Independent artists from Indian music scene is nothing but a treat.

After attending Magnetic Fields for three years since its inception, I have jotted down all the stay options that you can explore while booking your tickets to the festival. You can go through the details and finalize the place where you’ll be staying.

Alsisar Mahal

Alsisar Mahal Magnetic Fields

Finding a booking at Alsisar Mahal is the most difficult thing one could do during the event. The palace has occupancy of 60 rooms, but it gets full in moments after the dates of the festival are announced. Apart from the rooms for the visitors, there are rooms for the performers and the special guests reserved here so it is more difficult to find a booking at the last moment. One needs to keep an eye on the festival dates and only book the room if their travel plans are absolutely confirmed and there is no chance of the trip getting cancelled at the last moment.

Rates – Starting from INR 1.30l per night (only during the festival) Festival passes are included with the stay

Hot Water – 24×7

Distance from the performance venue – 100 meters

Indoor heating – Rooms are hot

Washrooms – Attached; Western style luxury washrooms

Wi-Fi – Yes

Parking space – Palace has separate parking space


Bedouin Deluxe Tents

magnetic fields luxury tents

Apart from the enthralling music, if there is one thing that makes Magnetic Fields special then it is the camping. At a distance of six hours from Delhi, staying in the luxury tents makes the visit to the festival worth it. Spread in an area of more than one acre, these tents are set in the desert right next to Alsisar Mahal. The event starts at Desert Oasis which is 100 meters away from the camping site.  The tents are divided in two parts, the deluxe and the luxury. The deluxe tents withstand a capacity of holding more than 300 guests, each room has attached washroom, hot water, and every other facility that will make you feel like a royal guest of the palace itself.

Rates – Starting from INR 40k per person (All three days, festival passes included)

Hot Water – Morning to evening

Distance from the performance venue – Desert Oasis is 100 meters, the palace is 250 meters

Indoor heating – None

Washrooms – Attached; Western style washrooms

Wi-Fi – None

Parking space – Common parking space near festival venue


Bedouin Luxury Tents

Magnetic fields luxury tents 2

Another version of the tents is the luxury ones. These tents are more spacious and while the deluxe tents have an open seating area outside, the luxury ones too have a seating area but it is covered with a transparent curtain to block the sunlight.

Rates – Starting from INR 60k per person (all three days, festival passes included)

Hot Water – Morning to evening

Distance from the performance venue – Desert Oasis is 100 meters, the palace is 250 meters

Indoor heating – None

Washrooms – Attached; Western style washrooms

Wi-Fi – None

Parking space – Common parking space near festival venue


Classic Tents

magnetic fields campsite budget stay

Classic Tents are the budget category campsite located near the venue of the Bedouin tents. These tents are divided into multiple categories as per the occupancy. The tents can fit one, two, three, four, and six people inside respectively. Each tent gets mat and sleeping bag as per the number of occupants. While these tents are basic camping tents that you’ll see on the mountains during treks and they give you an authentic camping experience. Also the classic tents are less cold than the luxury tents because of their compact size.

Rates – Starting from INR 25k per person (all three days, festival passes included)

Hot Water – No; hot water depends how hot the temperature is so that it heats up the water tanks

Distance from the performance venue – Desert Oasis is 200 meters, the palace is 400 meters

Indoor heating – None; sleeping bags are provided at that can withstand 10 degrees in the night

Washrooms – Common toilet and washroom tents for the entire campsite

Wi-Fi – None

Parking space – Common parking space near festival venue


Pitch your own tents

magnetic fields campsite alsisar

PYOT is a small part allocated in the classic campsite location where the visitors can book a space to pitch their own tent. If you are open to carrying your tent and sleeping bag then you too can save some money on your stay. When you are taking the PYOT facility, you will be left on your own and the classic campsite will only rent you sleeping bags and mats if they have extra available.

Rates – Starting from INR 15k per person (all three days, festival passes included)

Hot Water – No

Distance from the performance venue – Desert Oasis is 200 meters, The Palace is 400 meters

Indoor heating – N/A; Depends on your tent and the number of blankets you are carrying

Washrooms – Common toilet and washroom tents that you’ll have to share with the occupants of classic tents

Wi-Fi – None

Parking space – Common parking space near festival venue



Stay homes and havelis at Alsisar


The cheapest option to attend Magnetic Fields Festival is by booking your festival passes and then staying at the local haveli. Alsisar is part of Rajasthan where the old havelis are still intact. These homes open their rooms for the visitors during the festival. By booking a stay you will be able to experience a piece of Rajasthan in its truest form.

Oyo Shyam Baba in Alsisar that usually charges INR 1000 for a night’s stay, increases their prices to INR 12 to 25k during the festival.

Rates – 12k to 50k per room (all three days, festival passes not included)

Hot Water – Depends on the stay home. Some provide water on extra cost while others have indoor geysers

Distance from the performance venue – Depends on the distance of the haveli from the festival venue. 

Indoor heating – Confirm with the stay home owner

Washrooms – Different homes have different facilities, can range from western and Indian; need to confirm with the owners first 

Wi-Fi – None

Parking space – Depends on the place you are staying


Magnetic Fields will return to Alsisar next year in December 2020. If you want to experience this amazing event then start making your plans as soon as possible and keep watching this space for every update regarding the festival.

How to reach Magnetic Fields – Regular trains run between Delhi/Jaipur and Sadulpur. From here, you can reach venue of the festival in half an hour.

Bus travel to Jhunjhunu from Delhi and Jaipur, another local bus will drop you at Alsisar.

Magentic fields team also provides buses for Delhi. You can contact the authorities for the bus service.

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  1. Uroosa

    Ok. This is just ahmazing. Never knew the Rajasthani travel climate had evolved so much. I am just longing to visit this festival where people can rent and pitch their own tents. Makes me wonder how much I can do at these forts that are lying barren. There is so much hope.
    Kudos to the Indian government for making this happen.

    1. ansh997x

      Yes, it has evolved from Folk and now all sorts of experiments are happening.

  2. Sincerely, Alice

    I love festivals like this, and your photos capture the incredible energy!

    1. ansh997x

      This is awesome. Glad that you thought so.

  3. Wiola

    O wow, this is such a great article giving us so much information on where to stay and the pricing! Being a part of this festival must be an amazing experience. We have something similar back in Poland;)

  4. had no idea about such a magnificent music festival in Rajasthan. The tents look attractive but I felt like staying in one of the old havellis will be more fascinating.

    1. ansh997x

      If you can adjust on basic amenities then Havelis are better than tents. Hot water is an isse here.

  5. Twinkle Gaur

    I wasn’t aware of such festival until I read your post. This sounds interesting. Love the pictures too. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. ansh997x

      You can add it to your bucket list of 2018

  6. jamiengrose

    This sounds amazing. I’ve never heard about this festival but it’s always been a dream of mine to visit India!

    1. ansh997x

      You’ll certainly have a unique experience

  7. therunaway

    Very informative post and so detailed! I would love to stay in the Bedouin tents. They look so exotic and it must be an awesome experience 🙂

    1. ansh997x

      People prefer them because of it is luxurious and more spacious

  8. Preeti Chauhan

    Rajasthan is becoming the hub of all cultural activities ! Thanks loved your post a lot and great pics .

    1. ansh997x

      Indeed. Rajasthani is evolving when it comes to such activities. There is something happening all year.

  9. hdpreeti

    Learnt about a new place and new event trough your blog .Great pics too , have really whetted my appetite for travel .

  10. Paresh Godhwani

    Wow! It looks like a place to experience. Thanks for sharing important information.

  11. Tom

    That’s a pretty comprehensive guide you have collected here. Your experience in the festival shows very well. Next post–food in the festival??

  12. Céline CLudik

    Love hearing about new experience like this. I’ve never heard about Magnetic Fields festival before reading your post. I would probably love to attend such a music and cultural carnival that takes place inside a fort, where you laze on the lawns, enjoy the views of the desert, go to fun parties and much more!

    1. ansh997x

      Yes, it is all sorts of awesome. The palace is open all night and people keep singing and dancing everywhere.

  13. Brittany

    Super informative! I’ve never heard of this festival, but the accommodation options alone make me want to check out :’D. Those tents look awesome

    1. ansh997x

      I was planning to write something about it. Will do soon.

  14. mapcameratravel1

    This is so amazing . I have never heard about this festival so thanks for bringing this beauty in light. Would love to go to this festival once. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Cris F.

    Oh! I would love to attend and stay in a Bedouin tent! This looks like so much fun.

  16. Denny George

    While I’m personally not an EDM fan, I can certainly relate to the charm of staying under the starry skies in tented camps or in an ancestral Rajasthani Haveli. The place looks absolutely amazing!

    1. ansh997x

      There is electronic music as well as live performances as well.

  17. Sarah Fabol

    i miss the festivals like this.. its more fun on festivals ..

  18. Alexander Popkov

    I liked the luxury tents 🙂 Stated before in luxury rooms or classic tents…. but not this kind of tents. Something I may try.

  19. Yona Williams

    I love how the lights and nighttime setting is with the Bedouin Luxury Tents. That is a place I wouldn’t mind staying if I attended this festival.

  20. Joy Generoso

    I have never experienced staying in a tent. I guess it is something I should try, as long it has all the comforts I need. 🙂

    Liz Gen

  21. fashionmommywm

    This post is great in that you have really provided a great and diverse range of places to stay, that should suit all tastes and price points.

  22. That’s a super cool post! When we think of Rajasthan, we hardly think of EDM, its just the palaces & desert that comes to mind. Staying in tents would be super cool idea!

    1. ansh997x

      Yes, Rajasthan seems to be all about traditional Manganiyar folk but things are changing. Fusion is taking over and even the folk artists are not shying away from experimenting.

  23. Liev Cruz

    I’d love to stay at the Bedouin Deluxe Tents. Looks so cool to sleep in after the attending music the festival.

    1. ansh997x

      It is totally cozy and awesome experience

  24. lmochoa488

    This seems like an absolutely amazing time. It would be awesome to stay in the palace.

    1. ansh997x

      Even I want to experience that someday.

  25. Wow! This festival seems like a great event which I have to add to my bucket list, Anshul. Is this an annual event?

    1. ansh997x

      Yes, this event happens every December

  26. That is an absolutely huge crowd for a music festival, especially for India. This list is super comprehensive and helpful to organise accommodation for Magnetic Fields Festival. Those luxury tents are certainly the style we would love to stay in, who is the biggest musician to come to this event?

    1. ansh997x

      I believe that Machinedrum was one of the famous one.

  27. Angel

    Wow! The luxury tents seem like my perfect accomodations. I love outdoor music festivals, so this is right up my alley.

  28. rachael burow

    This festival looks amazing. I love all the photos, looks like it would be so much fun and welcoming! Def on my bucket list for sure!

  29. Nikita

    Hey Ansh,

    Very informative post. Thank you.
    This will be my first time attending Magnetic fields and I was planing on staying at one of the old havelies you suggested or with one of the locals who might be offering their abode for stay during the festival.
    I was wondering if you had any idea/ information about the local/ haveli stays in Alsisar. I would be really thankful if you could help me in any way.

    Thank you. 😀


    1. ansh997x

      Hi Nikita,

      I don’t have contact info but you can look them up on Airbnb or Booking. You may find some refrences. Also remember to check the distance from Alsisar palace because some of the listings are far away.

  30. Roy Chowdhury

    Wow so many good words about the festival and venue. Thank you ansh for your blog.
    I’d say staying with local is best option as it’s freezing cold that time in alsisar , tents don’t work out that time.
    And 2nd most important thing is the hospitality along with other amenities the locals offers is one of the experiences one can remember as of the festival’s.
    I think one can easily find hostel or Airbnb which areare basically home stay ,on Google maps.
    Thank you