Lost Again

Lost Again

Thanks to that co-passenger who helped me remind that my stop was next. I normally remember landmarks and other points on my way so that I reach my destination on time. I thanked that humble unknown guy and started moving toward the exit but I was late, I missed my stop and had to come back to my place with blanket of hopelessness on my face. By the time I reached the exit door the bus had started to move like a Diwali rocket set on fire. I stood on footboard and kept waiting to next stop or where-ever my bus went slow so that I could hop down. The weather was gentle, cool breeze touched my face and refreshed my thoughts. After a while my bus stopped and that gentle breeze turned into a cloud of dust reminding me of my destination. I took a walk back leading my way back home.

I had no idea what to do as I came closer to my destination. A weird feeling was hitting my mind, I had no excuses nothing to hide no idea how and why I was late.

I had to fight one more time to reach my further destination, it was evening and traffic was high I waited to a rikshaw but looking for an empty rikshaw at this hour is like finding home made food at a mess that claims to serve one but never does. I decided to take a walk instead of standing and waiting for hours looking for a ride. I looked at that uncle busy muttering may be because he had no one to talk to, that aunty who was more concentrated in adjusting her daughter’s dupatta rather than on the road. A man of cycle making his way into the busy traffic from where-ever he was able to find one even after he was getting cursed by vehicle owners.

This was nothing different than was I experienced everyday, I never get an auto rikshaw at thispeak hour and I always miss my stop. I don’t take a book anymore because reading those faces I find in my route is way better than those lifeless pages that add extra weight to my baggage.

My chain of thoughts was interrupted by some street dogs barking or rather welcoming me back to my colony. I could see my room from this far, I was tired and I wanted to sleep now. Few hours back I wanted to take a bath, read a book, talk to my close ones on phone but now I am way too tired to do any of that.

May be tomorrow or some other day but not today.

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