Misty Moments at Loktak Lake – A Photo Story

On 3rd day of my Manipur trip, I checked out of my hotel and started walking on the street in search of a bus for Moirang. As per most of the travel blogs on Manipur, this was the place where I was supposed to get down one of the most beautiful destinations in Manipur, Loktak Lake.

I wandered and found nothing. I asked a gentleman to find out the exact spot from where the buses for Moirang would leave. He suggested taking an auto, then he stopped and asked one to stop. He spoke to the driver and then asked him to leave. He tell me that this auto wala is charging INR 100 till the bus stop while others only charge INR 70. He did this twice leaving all his work to help me out and only left when I found a ride.

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Loktak Lake Manipur (5)
Boats are the only medium of commute on Loktak Lake. When the boatsmen have a bigger carriage to deliver, they tie two boats together in order to fit everything.
Loktak Lake Manipur (6)
The incredible landscape of Loktak Lake is surrounded by beautiful hills of lower Himalayas

Long story short, I reached Moirang from where my homestay owner, Mr. Ashok Sampacha came to pick me up. He purchased some stuff (pork, chicken and a lot of veggies) and gave them to me to hold while he drove his scooty. Soon, we were at a point from where I was supposed to catch a boat to reach the homestay. The boat was carved out of a small wooden log and would barely fit 4 to 6 people at once. in 10 min, I was in the middle of Loktak Lake, chilling at my homestay.

Loktak Lake Manipur (3)
At 6:00 AM, you’ll find these fishermen examining the fish rich areas of the lake to put the trap in water
Loktak Lake Manipur (9)
Loktak Lake is also home to many flowers. Like this water lily that grows in abundance between September and December

Life at Loktak Lake is relaxing but only for tourists. I cannot imagine the troubles of the locals who have to wake up early morning in order to catch the fishes.

Loktak Lake Manipur (7)
Lake’s mood keeps on changing. By 12 the surroundings become crystal clear only to be engulfed in fog one more time after a gap of a few hours.
Loktak Lake Manipur (10)
Eco friendly fishing methods are practiced on the lake. Use of Bamboo is very common everywhere in North East
Loktak Lake Manipur (11)
A fisherman examining if his trap has caught any fishes. Sometimes, these fishermen spend whole night boating on the lake.
Loktak Lake Manipur (13)
A temporary house on the middle of the Lake
Loktak Lake Manipur (14)
More fishing traps everywhere around the lake
Loktak Lake Manipur (16)
These tiny islands have been a part of this lake for thousands of years. It is said that Militants used to hide in this vast area during the era of insurgency
Loktak Lake Manipur (17)
Don’t miss an early morning boat ride to capture such scenery
Loktak Lake Manipur (19)
Another abandoned house on one of the islands
Loktak Lake Manipur (20)
Local fisherman traversing through the lake looking for fresh catch
Loktak Lake Manipur (21)
Coming across these fishermen is a nice experience. It almost seems like a mystery movie when they appear out of nowhere from the mist
Loktak Lake Manipur (23)
It need serious skills to approach a colony of fish in absolute silence. A little noise and the catch would vanish

Loktak Lake Manipur (24)Loktak Lake Manipur (25)Loktak Lake Manipur (26)

Loktak Lake Manipur (29)
While we were boating, we came face to face with one of the local fishermen. We were asked not to make noise while boating as these fishermen miss their catch. But this guy was done for the day, so he was happy to see us


Loktak Lake Manipur (30)
Locals examining the lake in the afternoon. Fishermen visit the lake in shifts and only pull out the nets once there is an alarm from the community.
Loktak Lake Manipur (32)
Do you notice a tiny home at the island in a distance?
Loktak Lake Manipur (33)
The top of lake shows the iconic view that you must have seen in National Geographic. This place is easily reachable from Thanga Village

Loktak Lake Manipur (34)

Loktak Lake Manipur (35)
A bunch of tourists exploring the lake. It turned out that they were from Myanmar.

Loktak Lake Manipur (37)Loktak Lake Manipur (38)Loktak Lake Manipur (39)

Loktak Lake Manipur (40)
Lunch time at the stay home.
Loktak Lake Manipur (41)
Manipuris love their rice and daal served with veggies and meat.
Loktak Lake Manipur (42)
The sunrise at Loktak Lake is not to be missed but only if you are able to get out of your tent in the morning.

Loktak Lake Manipur (43)

Loktak Lake Manipur (44)
Bamboo roads are made on islands because many places are shallow and there are chances that you may fall in water
Loktak Lake Manipur (46)
Mother’s market in Moirang run only by women

Loktak Lake Manipur (47)Loktak Lake Manipur (48)

Loktak Lake Manipur (49)
Fresh Veggies anyone?
Loktak Lake Manipur (52)
This was the island where I stayed. Look how peaceful it looks.

The only way to explore Loktak Lake is on boat. My homestay had their own boats and they charged INR 100 for one trip. You should opt for a boat ride in the morning and one in the evening.

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Where to stay at Loktak Lake  – Aquamarine Homestay (Contact Mr. Ashok Sapamcha at 8014921286.)

Place to visit in Loktak Lake – Keibul Lamjao National Park, View point, INA War Museum, Karang Island

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  1. This looks lika an excllent choice for the adventure seekers! The view from the top is amazing. I love visiting the local market to buy fresh veggies especially in countries around asia.

  2. Lou Does Travel

    This looks like a great trip out, pictures are really beautiful. I’ll defo be adding this to my list of things to do in India!

  3. crisshex88

    A story in photography that makes me vibrate the soul because it tells not only a journey, but the life that flows.

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    I love Himalayan range and these photos are really nice. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. paddockfamily4

    Wow- the fog over the lake is simply stunning! It gives it an eerie feel that is so beautiful!

  6. Christine Rogador

    That lake is simply stunning and it looks a very relaxing place. Love the fact that it is also not touristy. Is this in India?

  7. gastrotravelogue

    It looks like a beautiful part of the world. I am sure that the life of the fishermen can’t be easy, but at least there is some tourism in the area that they hopefully benefit from.

  8. Laurence

    I hear you, this place is relaxing to tourists who would be visiting. but for locals, that will be their daily tasks to catch fish in the morning. Great share 🙂

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    Beautiful pics! I travel for food too and especially enjoyed the food and market photos on your post!

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    This looks like a peaceful and relaxing trip. I would enjoy the fishing and scenery. Enjoy your travels!

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    Your pictures are so amazing! They make me want to travel there!

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    These are gorgeous pictures, and this looks like a wonderfully peaceful place to visit. Thank you for sharing your trip!

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    Oh wow! I didn’t even know this place existed and now it is definitely on my list of places to visit soon! I love that you included the aerial photos and the info about the food! Thank you!

  14. Looks like a serene and relaxing boating experience. The lake looks very calm and peaceful. In contrast, I only rode a boat without an outrigger twice, it was a bit scary for me to take on a river with strong currents, lol.

  15. Serena R Hale

    The pictures are so inviting and makes me want to visit for sure. It looks like a place to go and relax and be at peace.

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    This is positivley a lovely place to venture to.. the idea of fresh food, tradition. Very beautiful.

  17. Oh wow, you took a bunch of amazing pictures! Loktak Lake looks really calm and peaceful. My husband loves fishing so it might be suitable for him, lol! – Ola @ WanderWithOla

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    Brilliant pictures – enough to take one’s breath away. I am curious that there is a second layer of fog after the first one lifts up. It must require lots of patience to sit and fish for the entire night. Hats off to that resilience of the villagers.

  19. Richa

    The etymology of Loktak is Lok = “stream” and tak = “the end”. I have been to Manipur before but had missed visiting this largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. All the images of the lake and the phumdis floating over it look beautiful!!

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    Absolutely beautiful pictures. I love how you have captured the lake in different lightings and at different times of day. The people pictures are superb too, you are great at capturing personality.

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    Loved those pics and the way of storytelling… It made the beauty of northeast India alive in front of my eyes… It’s in a word ‘wonderful’…

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    These are the most amazing pictures you have taken, they really capture the area and atmosphere.

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    With its countless floating biomass and distinct landscape, Loktak Lake looks mesmerizing. Visiting Keibul Lamjao National Park and staying in a traditional house with locals sound like a unique experience.

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