Laptop Maintenance Tips for the Freelancers on the Move

One of the worst parts of being a solo traveler and a blogger is that I have to carry my laptop wherever I go. I have to take an extra care for my laptop bag, keeping the heavy load constantly in an upside down position making sure I accidentally don’t bump it against something or another damaging it. Doesn’t matter how much I love rains, I also consider it my laptop’s worst enemy. I can only wonder the damage it can cause. At times carrying this extra luggage irritates me to the level that I wish I could leave it somewhere and travel peacefully. As a freelancer, I have to carry this burden because it is the medium that pays for my travel expenses.

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I had planned to buy a MacBook considering that it is lightweight and compact enough to be carried anywhere without any hassle. Then a travel blogger friend’s Macbook stopped working after getting exposed to the heavy rainfall in Rajasthan. I realized that the heavyweight laptops are robust enough to withstand minor bumps during travel.
If you are a freelancer traveler on the move then there are a lot of ways in which you can ensure the safety of your laptop. While nothing can guarantee that your laptop will work fine and won’t trouble you at all, you can still try your best to keep your system safe. Often the smallest mistakes create troubles of the highest order.

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Always keep your laptop in a flap and your laptop bag inside a raincover – The multiple layers of safety makes sure that the water and dust won’t sip inside your laptop bag. Even if it does, the laptop’s flap won’t allow the water to get inside any further.
Don’t use your laptop when on a road journey – Unlike train journeys, the Indian roads come with pits and speedbreakers. Often road journeys take your bus through heavy bumps. There are chances that your laptop might fall down or goes through a shock during the bus jumping on a bad road making the hard disk stop working.
A laptop lock is very useful – You cannot carry your laptop everywhere while you are on move. While sightseeing, you’ll have to leave your laptop in your hotel room. To stop your mind from wandering off and wondering about its safety, you should keep your system protected with a laptop lock. You can also purchase one of those bags with numerical locks.
Always use a power adaptor – India is a country with highly fluctuating voltage. A power adapter will help you keep your laptop’s battery working in the perfect condition. A power adaptor saves your laptop from the sudden rise or fall in voltage.
Never put your laptop in sleep mode – Always remember to turn off your laptop after using it. A sudden rise or fall in temperature or air pressure can cause serious damage to your hard disk. Laptop withstands jerks and shocks to a far greater level when it is turned off.

Keep all your files saved on an external hard drive – Constant backup is always helpful. You travel, keep documents, client contracts, click pictures so if the laptop crashes it might be really difficult to recover all the data. While you can keep important documents protected with Google Drive or Dropbox, an external HDD will keep your files and pictures protected and accessible all the time. Today, there are a lot of cheap external hard drives are available in Indian markets and online. You’ll only realize the usefulness in the long run.
Don’t use your laptop on high altitudes – Often people traveling to higher altitudes like Leh Ladakh carry their laptop to stay connected with their office. The hard disk is not designed to work at higher altitudes. Using your system at a height of 10000+ feet can cause serious damage to your hard disk.

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Keep your laptop out for a while before you turn it on – This will help your laptop in getting used to the environment, temperature, moisture of the place. An ideal waiting time of 15 minutes will help your laptop work smoothly in a new place.
As a freelancer, your laptop is the primary source of every single penny I earn and spend on my travels. While it often feels like a burden to carry from a city to another, but then there is no solution or alternative to this little inconvenience.

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  1. oussama AKSAS

    wow great article thnx for that

  2. gratefulgypsies

    Thanks for these great tips! I had no idea it was bad to use a laptop above 10,000 feet. This is full of useful information.

    1. ansh997x

      It is not recommended to use laptop in high altitude regions. Better confirm with the company beforehand. 🙂

  3. Miss Monèt

    I need to invest in an external hard drive and power adapter pronto. Thanks for the helpful tips

  4. Sarah Graham

    Interested tips! I always store my computer data on an external hard drive just in case somehow I lose my information.

  5. Juli

    OMG I didn’t even know that they had a laptop lock, will surely try out your tips.