Language Barriers and Sunny Leone

Language Barriers and Sunny Leone

I was in Shimoga and after three days of stay I checked out of my hotel to leave for Hassan. Realizing that it would only take some 3 and a half hours to reach there I decided to take a late night bus. The only problem was that I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. When you have to spend a long time waiting for your bus or train and there is no option to return home or take a hotel then the best option is to go watch a movie.

The problem again was I didn’t know any theaters around so I asked an autowala to drop me to a theater where they run Hindi movies. The autowalah himself didn’t know about any such theaters so he took me around a few lanes and dropped me to a movie theater that was proudly displaying posters of B Grade movies with half naked fat chicks in front.

I wouldn’t give up, I walked away reached bus stand by foot and then started looking around in the Market. It was Friday and Ragini MMS was running in a theater, the problem was that theater’s name was written in Kannada. Now if this was any other movie I would have asked people the name of the theater that was written on it but it was no such situation. What I came across was a huge poster of Ragini MMS showing Sunny Leone dressed as minimal as possible. A stranger running around asking people what is written on the poster with half naked chick on it has more chances of getting beaten up than getting to know the theater’s name and address. Still after a few failed attempts I gave up and returned to bus stand. It is still less troubling to sit at bus stop for 4 hours than to do something that would have gotten me beaten up and probably arrested in an unknown city.

Thanks to Sunny Leone I had to spend 3 hours on a bus stand doing nothing. Why u no make good posters?

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