Krrish is a state of mind

Krrish is a state of mind

All I was looking for a little bit of family time and in return I fell victim of Krrish 3. Many compare about this movie that the stunts and graphics are nowhere close to Hollywood superhero flicks but the problem is that the makers actually thought that they’ll compete with the Hollywood superhero genre. Just look at the audacity.

The movie trailers had a strong message that “Krrish ek soch hai” I am pretty sure that this was AAP’s slogan that said “Arvind Kejriwal ek soch hai.”

Above is an example that makers have not missed a single chance to copy stuff from whatever source the could, leave alone Hollywood flicks Rakesh Roshan and his band of 6 writers came across and yet didn’t miss a single opportunity to insert Bollywood style dialogues and sentiyapa where they found a gap. Krrish 3 had a chance to give a lot of Bollywood flavor style superhero flick with an original flavor but then Ra.One set a pretty good example of what happens when you don’t copy Hollywood.

Krrish in this part gets new superpowers and seemingly loses all the old ones. He used to talk to animals in last part and there is not a single instance where he used help from a bird or an animal in order to get the clues. Instead he is not jumping like Neo from The Matrix and saving aeroplane from crashing like Superman. I mean seriously, Indian filmmakers cannot even change the clichés. But this is not the end, his wife works at a news channel and to my surprise he has yet not got a job as a cameraman there instead he lives life of a common man getting fired from whatever job he gets.

I hope you don’t care about spoilers, if yes then you can stop reading from here. We have a villain Kaal that eventually turns out Krrish’s kumbh ke mele me bichda hua bhai. He was made from Rohit Mehra’s DNA and wonder how many such kids Rohit Mehra would have running around by now. Now this villainous brother has his body paralyzed except for his head and two fingers because that is all he need to demonstrate his powers (Professor X anyone?). He even uses a wheel chair like Charles Xavier and has some evil minions who are ready to do anything on their master’s command. Imagine if Professor X had formed Brotherhood of mutants with Rhino from Spider-Man, a female Nighcrawler, Toad and Mystique what would have happened.

Anyways the movie proceeds and Kaal decides to infest Mumbai with Virus attack to make more money, of everyone in the world he is the only person who has no idea about who Rohit Mehra or Krrish is because that is how the movie plot is supposed to be. In return Krrish with help from his father prepares an antidote that Krrish mixes in Mumbai’s atmosphere after watching The Amazing Spider-Man and taking some inspiration. Kaal gets furious and sends Kangna Ranawat to know the secret of Rohit Mehra and she takes Priyanka Chopra’s place and starts falling for Krishna instead.

The more you think about it the more it gets creepier. Kaal creates Kaya from his DNA who is Rohit Mehra’s son. So technically Kangna is either Kaal’s daughter or sister and since Kaal and Krishna are brothers, so. Oh my god let’s not talk about it any further. Pretend as if this movie never happened.

So what happens next is that after dragging the movie for 2 hours, Kaal finally gets his father’s bone marrow and becomes super evil. He almost kills Krrish after turning into poor man’s Iron Man made of steel scraps with a cricket helmet as mask. While our villain leaves for Mumbai the irritating professor sacrifices himself in trying to bring back Krrish. I thought he had a healing ability as shown in last movie.

The film’s climax features an enraged Kaal in Mumbai trying to bring fear in heart of Mumbaikars and people don’t seem to give crap about it. They are driving and moving around like nothing happened. After some Bollywood style dialogue exchange Krrish comes back with more powers and engages Kaal in a Matrix style battle that levels half of Mumbai. Who is going to pay for that?

In the end Kaal is killed in the most abrupt way possible. Krrish overcharges Kaal and despite all his powers he just stands there laughing. In the end Krrish 3 is nothing but two and a half hour product placement ad along with top 10 scenes from Superhero movie videos on youtube. It also has a cameo from Stan Lee (or someone who looks like him) to confuse the audience and Chris Gayle. And to add on the nightmares movie ends with Krishna having a baby who starts jumping on the walls by end of the movie warning us about the next sequel.

Did someone say movie had 6 writers?

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    Movie torture thi boss.

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