Tips and guide to visit Kaas Plateau – Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers

Kaas Plateau is located n Satara District of Maharashtra. Popularly known as Maharashtra’s valley of flowers, Kaas Patthar is a beautiful place, away from the other crowded parts of the state. It is competing for the title of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Maharashtra because of the uniqueness and biodiversity.

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Every year, post monsoon, Kaas Plateau becomes vibrant with colourful flowers and attracts nature lovers. Late August to early October is the best time to visit Kaas Valley because of this unique sight. Another unique highlight of Kaas Platthar is that it is one of the riches in Maharashtra in terms of biodiversity. Kaas Plateau has an exclusive collection of 70% flowers in entire Maharashtra.

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How to visit Kaas Valley – Kaas Valley is an hour away from Pune while from Mumbai it takes around 4 to 5 hours. A number of travel companies offer weekend trips to Kaas Valley during the weekends and it becomes very crowded during that time. Exploring Kaas Valley for solo travellers and backpackers is very cheap as the bus tickets from Mumbai and Pune is maximum 300 rs.

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From Satara, there are two ways to reach Kaas Plateau. You can either hire an autorickshaw for an entire day for INR 800 or wait for bus to drop you somewhere nearby. The first option is easy and better if you don’t have a lot of time and want to return to Pune or Mumbai soon.

Note: While coming back from Kaas, make sure that you are at Satara bus stand by 5 PM because the last bus leaves at 6 and delay will leave you stranded in the town. Although you can plan a two day trip and explore other popular locations nearby.

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Kaas Valley is a prime highlight of Western Ghats that is also known as Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra. It is believed that entire Western Ghats were formed during the breakup of the super continent of Gondwana some 150 million years ago. Exploring Kaas Valley is like taking a glimpse of the gorgeousness that Western Ghats hide in its various nooks and corners.

Group tours to Kaas Valley ­– A number of local travel companies offer a trip to Kaas Valley. One of the groups that has good reviews from my friends in Mumbai is Tripper Journeys, you can connect with them at 9892691821.

I personally find the group tour prices a little expensive but perfect for those who have limited days and have no problem with 200-300 rs more as they’ll arrange everything and make the travel easy for you.

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The road to Kaas Valley has a number of small restaurants where you can enjoy amazing thali in chicken, mutton and veg. Don’t forget to try something to enjoy Satara at its best.

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Travel Responsibly in Kaas Valley – Kaas Valley is a protected area and unless the tourists come here to explore the region in responsible way, it won’t survive. I saw a lot of tourists sitting on the flowers, plucking them and throwing plastic bottles, tea cups and chips packets here and there. Please be a responsible person and avoid doing this.

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