Journey to Maturity and coming back.

Journey to Maturity and coming back.

It’s been quite some time I’ve heard from people calling me immature because of my tastes, things I like sound inferior to them. I grew up among comic books like every other kid and didn’t gave up reading them. So this started some months back, listening from known ones about how I am immature because I like comic books, harry potter type movies etc and they are mature because what they read and watch is serious and better than what I do. 
So a month back after some argument with some friends I decided to do stuff what mature people do. It’s like someone stopped listening Himesh Reshamiya because no one in his friend circle liked him. I decided to sell my large comic book collection and change my reading habits. I goggled for books that mature people read and ordered two books by PG Wodehouse and Jhumpa Lahiri. Then I downloaded some mature movies, one of which is Eternal Sunshine of Spotless mind which I am trying to finish from 6 months and yet not able to go beyond 30 minutes.  These movies and books are just way too different and beyond my understanding but I don’t guess it makes my taste lower than those who like them. 
It takes me a day or two to finish a 300 page graphic novel, when I started with PG Wodehouse I was not able to finish even 50 pages of what we wrote in 15 days. I have not even touched that Jhumpa Lahiri book and never going to read it, I guess.  
In this journey to attain maturity and prove others I lost myself. I cannot change what I love and do for sake of what other people say. If you read that serious stuff just because it brings you in elite section then you need to rethink. I may be childish and whatever people like to call me but I don’t run around judging people by what they read, watch or listen. I don’t even have argument power that I used to have because somewhere I realized all of it is of no use. 
Anyways I returned to my so called immature ways because at-least something is there that defines me and I have no doubt about it. You may be wondering why I wrote this post and explained this much if I have no doubts, it is just that I write a lot of random crap this one is one of it.

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  1. Nothing wrong in it, you do something coz you like it, other do because what other want them to like it

  2. Pushpreet

    Jhumpa Lehri ki kaunsi book thi? 😀 .. hehe

  3. Almost Engineer

    Although I hadn't read as many Graphic novels as you do (for the obvious reasons of course), but still I can understand the obsession while reading those stuff. It took me a day or two to finish the comic book too while so called mature novels of same no. of page count takes up around a week. Meanwhile I don't understand the getting rid off those comic collection. I mean it's like reincarnation of a human soul to disown the comics for comic-lovers. By the way, welcome to the world of childish immature people. Again. In our world.

  4. Neha

    When you try to prove things to people, you ought to lose yourself. Most importantly, you have to reason to do that. You do not owe an explanation to anyone.That can be one reason you didn't like the books. Your approach. You didn't read those books for yourself, you read them for "people" which is why you didn't fancy them cuz you had this fixed somewhere down in your subconscious that you won't like them. It's about perception.Selling your comic books was an exaggeration according to me. You cannot not like something that you always have. Maturity comes when you learn more things, add novelty to the already existing things. You do not get matured in a day or by reading books. Reading books does not make you mature. What makes you mature is your way of looking towards things.Change that and you are good to go. Remember, Maturity has no definition as such. It doesn't come with age either. You cannot expect a 60 year old to be matured either, but sometimes even a 16 year old can surprise you with immense of it.If you really wanna try being matured, stop trying and trying to prove things to ppl. Do it only if you wish to. Everyone is unique, you are too.. :)P.S. Apologies for this long comment. I hope you get my point.