Jharkhand Monsoon trail: The Wilderness of Netarhat

Jharkhand Monsoon trail: The Wilderness of Netarhat

My monsoon trail continued in Jharkhand and I left for Netarhat the next morning. I took a bus and traveled in the morning on a bumpy bus ride with muddy roads like this

Netarhat 1-2

But then the route was covered with the Koel river that was flowing nearby.Netarhat 2 Netarhat 3-2

Like every place in Jharkhand I went to, Netarrhat was too covered in greenery everywhere. Netarhat 4-2 Netarhat 5-2 Netarhat 6-2

I took a walk in the pine wood forests to experience the lush greenery this place had to offer. It was simple beautiful and amazing to see the trees surrounded with amazing atmosphere and serenity.Netarhat 7-2 Netarhat 8-2

This is how it felt when it started raining here after a while.Netarhat 10-2

During monsoons these small waterfalls are formed around the place. Most of them are hidden and one needs to keep their eyes opened while walking to spot such tiny formations.Netarhat 11-2 Netarhat 13-2 Netarhat 15-2 Netarhat 16-2

And just before I was about to take the returning bus for Ranchi that valley have a view like this with the clouds forming at a distance. I was amazed by this panoramic view.Netarhat 17-2 Netarhat 18-2Writing more would be simple repeating the same words. One can still visit Netarhat that is 120 km from Ranchi in Palamu district by bus or car to enjoy these scenes.

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