Indian Railways: Wonder of the world.

Indian Railways: Wonder of the world.

I was going to continue my Mumbai journey but that post would be incomplete without this one. How I reached Mumbai was another story but things that happened in between were just worth telling about. Before bus I had plans to go by train because a good friend Abhinav suggested the same, believe me it was not something easy to do and I failed. I reached ticket couter at 4:00 AM and still failed to get a confirm ticket because there were at-least 100 people who arrived before me with the same enthusiasm and that experience made me write this.

Indian rail, the basic travel system of this country is a unique wonder of its own kind. I don’t know the number because 8thand 9th are already chosen I guess and I am not that updated about rest of the wonders. Anyways I was talking about Indian railways system and network which turned out to be the most wondrous thing of the modern age. Everything about Bhartiya Rail is a beauty, an awesomeness or basically Indianness. 
I found about this beauty long time back but as my experiences increased I truly started respecting its potential. My recent experience with this organization proved the quote “You can change the system, instead the system will change you”. I have decided to share this experience about my recent adventure that made me believe and I have decided to make all you weak mortals believe in the power.
This whole system is one big wonder and made up of many small wonders, one of them is IRCTC. This is the godly website with a hidden slogan, Getting into IITs and IIM is easier than to get a ticket (specially tatkal) successfully on this website. IRCTC believes in equality, so if you are using 64kbps sarkari line or 2 mbps broadband, it will always open slower in ways unknown and will put the slowest creatures to shame. For most of the parts IRCTC works fine, but once you pass all the hurdles and reach the transaction zone it would fail turning into the biggest KLPD of all times.
Now by default when it is next to impossible to get a ticket through IRCTC the passenger will decide to get a ticket by himself by standing at ticket counter. This proves to be another wondrous achievement by Indian railways. Getting a tatkal ticket will make you do things you have been planning for ages and yet failed to do. One of those things is waking up early and going for a walk. I believe all those beautiful sunshine pics in the early morning were taken by people who woke up early to get into line for ticket counter and by default there will be at-least 10 people standing ahead of you who came from realms unknown and have decided to get confirm ticket at any cost. Tatkal ticketing starts at 8:00 AM and from 5 days it got changed to 1 day proving more chaos at the counter. Forget getting a confirm ticket, if you are even a minute late all that Is left is waiting which is really astonishing and simply awesome if you think what happened to all the tickets in a minute?
Our beloved Indian Rail also believes in suspense, so if you got a tatkal ticket you’ll keep wondering if your ticket is going to be confirmed or not. If it gets then prepare for the most adventurous journey of your life. In my case it was 48 hour journey from Bangalore to Patna, and people survive the whole process, till date I just saw one person jumping of the train that too not because the journey sucked but because of other personal reasons. As you’ll enter your compartment a mouse will be there running around to welcome you. Food is delicious, you’ll always find free stuff inside better than those that McDonalds gives with happy meal. A hair or sometimes a cockroach is presented with and in the food to remind us that you are travelling with Indian railways. In 99% of the cases phone charge won’t work and let’s not start on toilet’s condition.
Despite all this people survive, reach home and start preparing for another journey of their life thinking about what more adventures they are going to witness the next time.

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    No one can deny it.Despite being the largest employer in world IR has not improved.Thanks to the cost cutting budget which prevented the proposed modernisation and upgrade announced by this UPA sarkaar.God bless Indian Railways…

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