In Pictures : Hauj Khas Fort

Although not a fort but a Madarsa, this place is the center hub of one of the most happening places in South Delhi. A small gateway can take you back to 700 years during the reign of Alaudin Khilji who bullt a small tank here that today stands as a beautiful lake. Here is an introduction to the place in pictures because they can describe this place better than words.

Delhi HKV copy Hauz Khas Fort lake HKV Delhi   Hauz Khas Fort 3Graffiti Hauj KhasHauz Khas Fort  Graffiti Hauz Khas Fort evening Hauz Khas Fort 5 Hauz Khas Fort 22 Hauz Khas village fort Hauz Khas Fort 2 Hauz Khas Fort

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  1. Yogi saraswat

    Yes , It is very Nice. I visited here last year