The history of Jharkhand is older than time itself. The inhabitants of Jharkhand state have their roots hidden in a glorious past dating back more than 3000 years. Because of its history and prehistory, there are many amazing places to visit in Jharkhand. As one of the ancient regions of Indian subcontinent, the grip of Indian mythology has a huge role in shaping the life and culture here. As evidence, the temples of Jharkhand have become a part of its ancient history dating back to the age of the Gods and Goddesses. Here are some of the oldest and the most fabled temples situated in Jharkhand.

Baidyanath Temple, Deoghar

Baba Dham jharkhand

Baba Baidyanath Dham is probably the most revered temples among the pilgrims of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. These pilgrims come here in masses chanting Lord Shiva’s name in the holy month of Shravan. Baidyanath Temple is said to be one of the 12 Jyotirlings where the Goddess Sati’s body parts fell.

Pahari Mandir, Ranchi

pahari mandir ranchi

Located at a height of more than 2000 feet, the view from the top of Pahari Mandir is a heavenly experience. A series of 468 steps will take you on the top of the temple from where one can enjoy lovely views of the city.


Buddha temple Itkhori

Ithkhori temple houses a syambhu idol of Goddess Kali excavated from the ground. The legends around this temple span across millennia. It is said that when the idol was stolen, the goddess appeared in the dream of the police officer who was investigating it and told him about the location of the place where the idol was hidden. Historical evidences of Buddha visiting here. Several monuments and relics from the past have been excavated by the ASI that belongs to the Mauryan and Buddhist eras.


Rajrappa Temple Jharkhand

Jharkhand temples has a huge reverence for the Goddess Durga and her various forms. Like Baidyanath Dham and Ithkhori, Rajrappa temple is recognized has a temple of high value among the pilgrims. The temple stands as a beautiful piece of architecture. It is said that one should not spend their time in the premises of this temple in the night as the Goddess Chinnmastika still wanders around in search of the demons.

Madhuban, Giridih

Jain Temple Madhuban Giridih Jharkhand

Among the number of places to visit in Jharkhand, the Madhuban region of Giridih is known for some of the important temples for the pilgrims of Jain religion. Jharkhand Tourism has promoted Madhuban temples as  one of the important religious sites in India. Samosharan temple and Bhomiyaji Asthan are the most important Jain temples in Madhuban. Jain scriptures, manuscripts and idols at the Jain museum present the Jain Pilgrims with the glorious history of Jain religion in Bihar.


Maluti Temples, Maluti Village

Maluti Temple Jharkhand

Located in the Dumka District of Jharkhand a small sleepy village of Maluti is filled with several temple with built in terracotta style of architecture. The cluster of 108 temples is best approachable from Birbhum district of West Bengal. ASI has also excavated the proof of prehistoric civilizations thriving here. The temples are carved with intricate details with stories from different periods of history. Maluti is one of the most important series of terracotta style temples in India.

Dewri Temple

Dewri Deori temple sthan ranchi

Dewri Temple or Deori Sthan is one of the most important temples in Jharkhand. As one of the important Hindu religious sites, this temple is visited by many famous personalities of Jharkhand. This ancient shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali, is situated in Tamaar village in Ranchi. The idol of Goddess Kali is known as ‘Solahbhuji Devi’ because of her 16 arms. Beautiful exteriors of the temple and the pillars are constructed from sandstone. Deori temple is about 70 km from Ranchi and lies on the National Highway 33.

The temples mentioned above are a few among the many important sites in Jharkhand. Due to not on the mainstream tourist map you’ll see a lot of locals around this area and get an experience of authentic experience of the culture of the beautiful state of Jharkhand.

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  1. Geetesh Sinha

    Being Bihari is not shame. I am not a bihari, but the way they guys are treated is really shameful. Some where in our country they are being neglecting but i am sure the condition will be better.

  2. Neha

    That was deep. Liked it 🙂

  3. sameer

    thumbs up to anshul….:)this one is a mirror of reality….good job!!!:)

  4. anupam

    Born Intelligent Hardworking And Responsible Indians… I am Proud to be a BIHARI

  5. nk

    Good one…!!

  6. rmorya21

    sahi kaha i can also say that i proud to be bihari

  7. geek09

    Liked this article…Have experienced and can related to most of the points raised here. – Hiding Bihari identity : In Delhi of 90's one simply couldn't escape taunts and jokes on being from Bihar, at least if not nicknamed "Bihari". Situation is better now, as delhi – biharis have come of age, and progressed enough to kick asses :P, and also bihar is no longer an epitome of backwardness and poverty as it used to be.- Oh u dont look from Bihar : Truly hilarious :D- Problem with Bihari girls : Somewhere i feel that in a cosmopolitan environment, they are still finding themselves a minority, while guys are dominating the student, engineers populations in IT hubs, creating a space of their own. This is a comment based on figures, so kindly not to be taken as chauvinist.

  8. nirbhay

    I personally do not agree to the point of showing bhojpuri movie in Multiplexes in Bihar, multiple reasons :1. bhojpuri is not the only identity of bihar, we have maithili, maghi, angika and many other minor languages2. The number of good bhojpuri movies are quite few.3. If you compare the current bhojpuri music with the past u can see the difference and can easily notice how slewed have they become