How to save money while travelling alone

How to save money while travelling alone


Traveling alone is not as easy as it sounds. One wrong decision can end up in you spending a lot of money for no reason that wasn’t even necessary in the first place. While traveling alone gives you privilege of traveling the way you wish but then it leaves you on your own instincts depending on what decisions you take. Here are few tips on how you can save money while traveling on your own.

  1. Less Expensive stays: Staying is the most expensive part of traveling alone, you can always skip 5 star hotels and resorts and go for cheap home stays and dormitories. If possible spend your night in railway station or bus stop’s waiting room, it won’t hurt much. Also if you plan accordingly you can skip hotel at one place and then travel to another to reach in night and settle down there, but then you need to confirm check out timings otherwise you’ll end up spending double than what you were expecting for.stay-in-the-dorms
  2. Local Transport: If you can cope up with Local transport then you can cope up with anything while traveling. Local buses and passenger trains are a bit crowded with locals but they help save you a lot of money and in return it gives you one cool experience with locals even before starting your trip.
  3. Cloak Rooms and Public Lavatories: Judge me if you want me to but what I feel is most of us choose a hotel room only to sleep and freshen up in morning and it is very easy to skip that part. Places like Goa and Chennai come with decent waiting rooms with toilets that is cleaner than expected and you can use them by paying a rupee or two depending on what they charge. If you are jugadu you can pull this off in many ways possible. Deposit your luggage at railway station or bus stand’s cloak room and set off to visit the city. It is easy and it is fun.
  4. Eat Where Locals Eat: I explained in my last blog update about how food options can help save you a lot of money, Local hotels keep fresh food on very minimal charge that is way better than expensive restaurants at tourist spots.
  5. Travel during off seasons – At this time it is possible that you won’t get to see that much and won’t get to meet a lot of people but it is an effective way to minimize your expenditure to almost half of what you’ll spend if you visit a place during seasons. You can visit beaches during off seasons and always skip Wildlife reserves during off seasons as there will be nothing to see.

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  1. These are one of the most important tips you have shared. Being an Indian I know how it is for foreigners to manage, but the key things u mentioned were superbly like pinning small things up.