How to save money for your travels (and everything else)

Traveling is all about choices, choices between something that you need and something that you REALLY need. Something that you can get it later and it will still be there may be in a better quality and cheaper and something that if you let it go today you won’t have it for a long long time.

I am really bad at saving money as I told in my previous blog ‘wishlist 2015’, On one hand we need to travel while at the same time we have be prepared for any crisis that may appear out of nowhere.

Here are a couple of advices that one needs to follow (including me) for a better travel experience.


Always keep a check on your expenses – Keeping a tab on your monthly and daily expenses is very important. This helps us spend money in even efficient way when you realize what all are the worthless and unnecessary areas where we should not be spending our budget. Also Financial goals are important, this helps planning the future and be ready for any unexpected crisis.

Keep a dedicated travel account – With my travels I have realized the need to have a separate fund for my travels rather than spending everything mindlessly on the only passion I have. Remember there are other priorities that you need to fulfil.

Don’t buy stuff that you don’t/hardly need – Another lesson I learned in past couple of years, spending money on useless products is stupidity when there are much important things that you need to be saving money for.

Travel addiction

Stop Eating Out – Trust me home cooked food is way cheaper, affordable and healthy.

Contests and Deals – Are you one of those people that think playing twitter and facebook contest for a free holiday doesn’t make sense? I used to be one of you until I won a luxury stay in Orchha. Playing contests makes sure that in case if you win you’ll get to spend a all sponsored holiday for free ( who doesn’t want that?)

Cheap deals are another way of saving money. There are sites that regularly inform you about cheap hotel and flight deals, everytime you go for a booking make sure that you go through these sites.

Use public transport – Doesn’t matter how smelly or uncomfortable they are, if a local can use it why can’t you? Also imagine spending 300 bucks on an autorikshaw that can be arranged by spending just 30 bucks on a bus.

Public Transport in India

Travel like a local – As explained above when locals can use public transport you can do that as well, same can be done with food as well. Avoid the touristy places to dine and go for local and street food. They are cheap, healthy and fresh made. Also traveling like a local helps you understand the place in a better way.

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