How to plan a zero-waste wedding?

Weddings are a grand affair. People take ages to plan their big day and often make big deal about it. But weddings are also a massive headache when it comes to waste management. The waste of water, the unprecedented use of plastic, and fireworks adds a lot of negativity to the wedding. But there is always a solution. You can start your waste-less journey with a zero-waste wedding. You can still make your wedding wonderful and memorable by being reasonable and sustainable about waste.

According to an average finding, in a normal US wedding, with a guest list of around 100 people, a total of approximately 400-pound waste and 63 tons CO2 is generated. In most cases, where waste is not biodegradable, your wedding waste like used cutlery and wedding decorations are going to be there for centuries.

To make your wedding unique, it should show who you are as a couple and who you are as people. You should plan a wedding that is environmentally friendly if you and your partner care about the planet and live in an eco-friendly way. You can also think about having a zero-waste wedding, but if you want to go even further, you could. While eco-friendly weddings try to cut down on waste, zero-waste weddings try to get rid of all of it. If that idea is a little scary to you, don’t worry. We have compiled a small list of ideas by which you can flaunt your wedding without making it any worse for the environment and universe:

  • Hire a zero-waste wedding planner:

Only an average wedding takes a lot of preparation, effort, and time. when it comes to zero-waste weddings, you need to be more specific and well-aware of the idea. So if possible, and it’s not hard on your budget, try hiring a zero-waste wedding planner, who will help you with everything starting from a wedding dress to including cutlery, décor, and an eco-friendly wedding venue.

  • Short-list the guests

Whatever is the event, a small and limited guest list will help you with everything. Your carbon footprint will be smaller if your guest list is smaller. A small guest list also leads to better arrangements and zero waste.

  • Send E-vites:

Sending paper invitations should be cut down if it’s not mandatory. Nowadays, tech has taken over everything, so it is best if you send E-vites, instead of physical invites. You can cut down the waste to zero by doing this. If you feel like sending a physical invitation is obligatory, then use eco-friendly paper to print the invites.

  • Choose your venue wisely:

Your venue plays an important role in a zero-waste and memorable wedding. So you need to choose your venue wisely. At the end of your big day, there will be a lot of waste. You should choose a venue that will help reduce, reuse, and recycle things so they don’t end up in the trash.

  • Sustainable wedding dress to satisfy your big-day feel

The best thing you can do is invest in clothes that are made with less waste.

People think they need to buy new clothes for each event. This isn’t true. You don’t need to buy new clothes for each event. But the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping, says the UN Environment Program. You could rent your clothes through a number of second hand rental agencies in India. Go ahead, be the fashion icon you have always wanted to without indulging in fast fashion trend.

There are a few brands in India that also sell second hand wedding clothes that you can consider when planning an eco-friendly wedding.

  • Eco-friendly beauty products:

The best way to add up to zero-waste weddings is to invest in eco-friendly beauty products. Spend in brands. Always research about the beauty brands that follow zero waste practice and come with animal cruelty free labels. There are brands that avoid plastic packaging and have the same quality that you would want from a brand that is high profile and ideal for wedding.

  • Get compostable goods:

You need to set up a food and waste recycling facility to make it through the zero-waste wedding. Make sure that you have your venue and management onboard on this idea with you.

Final words:

If you are one of those elegant, pure-hearted and lovely couple, who prefers sustainability over glory, then you need to plan zero-waste wedding. You will be able to show your affection towards universe and your partner because all that matters to you the most is vows, and not the dye-hard wedding arrangements. Happy wedding

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