How to Keep Your Travel Bug and Corporate Life in Balance

How to Keep Your Travel Bug and Corporate Life in Balance

Trekking in Himalayas

Shifting to a corporate job for someone who was on a road for a long time is huge change. A full time job is no cure for the travel bug, once bitten the only cure is to keep traveling. When I started with my job I made sure that I do not compromise my travel for my work. At the same time I had to make sure that I do end up compromising my work because of my travel bug.

As we grow, life changes phases. For me it has been a huge challenge and still I have explored a large part of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and a few more places in last 10 months. Traveling is an art, finding balance between your regular life and traveling is more than art. It’s a lifestyle.

Ziro Festival of Music

Before you start reading the tips, let me make a few things clear. This post is for the people who a) have recently transitioned into corporate life b) have been a solo traveler for a while c) are open to ideas of traveling in a local transport, staying for the minimal and exploring the most. If you are none of them then please stop reading because you are not going to relate to a single point that I am going to mention below.

HRTC Travel Kinnaur

Still reading? Congrats and thank you for your patience.

Manage your money – Now that you have a real job, money management becomes a real thing. You are not only traveling, more than transport and hotel expenses (that mostly came for free) you have to worry about room rent, commute to office and food. Life becomes tough, when you mix it with your travel, your expenses almost skyrocket. For a traveler and especially a solo traveler it is very important to learn how to manage your money, or every month you’ll end up complaining about being broke. Slowly this will kill your interest in traveling.

Camping in moutains

Make use of your weekends – Let’s be practical, a full time job comes with a fixed set of holidays and leaves that you have to wisely make use of. You are left with weekends and that is a great opportunity. In my opinion, short unplanned trips give you more chances to explore nearby destinations compare to a long vacation with a number of places marked in your itinerary.

Choose short destinations – You’ll realize that weekend escapes are the best way to travel. I stay in Delhi which gives me a luxury to go on a weekend trip in Himachal, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for a few places. Mumbai and Bangalore present with more trekking destinations that you can enjoy unless you are stuck in traffic.

If you are open to the fact that you can travel to ‘just one’ destination, take a ride out of the city on Friday night and return to office on Monday morning then believe me you’ll be seeing more than you are expecting.

Prashar Lake Trek

Work from home – Work from home is an amazing facility provided by offices that we usually use when we have a headache. I feel this feature is sort of waste because we don’t know how to use it. Work from home can be utilized from any place from where you are open to work. All you need is to find a café with high speed internet and start sending those mails.

A lot of ideas from this list might sound absurd, but trust me, I have explored more and more with my full time job that I feared will go away with time. A weekend I was volunteering at Magnetic Fields EDM festival, another weekend I was trekking at Prashar Lake.

Do you travel on the weekends too? Share your tips in the comments section.

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  1. LadyRedot

    I was looking for new reading material and I stumbled upon your blog. Great post. Well written and inspiring. Looking forward to coming back and explore other ones you have. May I do a repost of this article and backlink to you please?

  2. arv!

    great compilation. quite useful!

  3. Nitish Jain

    Thanks for sharing the information. I am planning to start for solo trip. As I am into Gurgaon with no company. I would like to ask you about how could you manage your money with the solo trip as I understand this is most difficult things to do when you go to solo trip. I am looking forward . Thanks

    1. ansh997x

      Take a daily budget, 500 to 800 per day will do. Spend your time looking for guest houses. Bargain.

      1. Nitish Jain

        thanks for the quick response. Could you please also suggest me you used to select the place to stay…because food we still can manage but stay we should aware of the budget place 😀

        1. ansh997x

          That you’ll have to ask around. Usually there are guest houses near bus stands at walking distance.

    1. ansh997x

      Hey Ambika,

      Glad that you liked it. I am on a sabbatical now but it still holds true. One can travel without quitting their jobs.

        1. ansh997x

          Nice learning experiences. Baki toh we are connected on Instagram where I am updating my experiences.

          1. ambikabhardwaj

            Ohh yes! Could you please help me with the handle again?

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            Untamed_Bachelor -_-

          3. ambikabhardwaj

            Those are such great pictures! I love them all! 🙂

          4. ansh997x

            Same here Ambika. I love your pics and the mercerizing captions that you put on your FB page.

          5. ambikabhardwaj

            You know, that’s the best thing anyone has told me in the recent times! Thank you so much! 🙂