How to get a girlfriend.

How to get a girlfriend.

First of all let me clarify, I don’t have a girlfriend. I never had a relationship that lasted even for a year, but I know people, guys who have had multiple girlfriends and have been handling them like I manage my multiple facebook accounts. Also I rarely try getting one because I know it’ll end by me not seeing her ever again. 
Ok enough of cribbing about my love life, from what I have analyzed from my experiences, meeting people with girlfriends and people who always fail to make one no matter how eligible bachelor they may be, I have found certain qualities that help or spoil your chances. Here are few of them.
I know friends who have made girlfriend during a train journey, one meeting at some marriage function, office interview etc. Hell I know friends who made girlfriend just by meeting her at Delhi metro and another one dated a salesgirl in Titan store, he found the girl prettier than any of the watches in that store.A majority I know have made their girlfriends from the internet, Orkut, Facebook even twitter. For me takes forever to ask someone phone number too. The basic key is communication. A majority of guys fail when it comes to talking and those who know increase their chances.
Don’t be too confident if you pass in the test above. Talking is needed but in a limit. Talk to her but only till you get in touch with her and don’t start giving her brotherly feelings. Ask her out, get her number and then start acting like an asshole. The most idiotic you’ll behave the more she’ll fell attracted for you. I think it’s a part of female psychology where a guy when starts ignoring her or stop answering her, she takes it on her ego, comes after the same person and eventually gets along with him. 
Act like you understand her, care for her but only when you wish to. Act like an asshole when she needs your attention. The time you get from not giving her the attention she deserves you can use it for another girl. It’s easiest to cheat in a long distance relationship, have multiple long distance relationships instead. If you start caring for her, you’ll start giving her brotherly vibes, she’ll soon get bored of you and all the attention you are giving. Then she’ll start taking your attention for granted. Majority of guys get cheated only because their girlfriends start taking their attention for granted and get an idea that he’ll anyways come after her. My friends always say, don’t go after her make come after you and she’ll be always yours. Never make her feel how much you need her, more you show yourself needy the more granted she’ll take you for. No matter how important she’s for you never give her a hint about it.I think this is the reason marriages are so successful in India, the husband in most of the cases think where is his wife gonna go so he starts taking her for granted. 
The longest relationship I had was where I followed these qualities and because I am not like this so failed to make one again. But my friends, you still have your chances go and conquer the world.

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  1. Ayush Mishra

    Good going, Bro. My wingman has retired, so there's a vacancy right now. Would you like to apply?

  2. Shrutiizm

    Disgusting You Are ! You Think You are an Indian Version of Barney Stinson!!! 😀

  3. Neha

    Lol.. Looks more like sarcasm to me. :p But nice..good to see your Language Improvement 😉