How PUBG almost ruined my solo trip to Sri Lanka

Internet is a huge distraction. I always read these articles about how Indians travel to places so that they can update their Instagram and post a million stories about their vacation. I read these articles and wonder if such people really exist. Free wifi may be important but not this much that one would ruin their vacation doing so.


I have spent more than one year travelling and blogging. I use internet but not like many others. I have seen people leaving mid-trek because their phone ran out of charge or they didn’t have any battery in their camera. In my case, having a book is enough to resonate with the beauty of the place.


Recently I came across this marvel of the internet called PUBG. I wanted a distraction from social media because of the political climate and negativity going around so I thought that this (un)social game would be the best way to distract and use less time fighting with strangers. I know, it sounds stupid, like someone wanted a distraction from coffee so they started having beer to get over it.

In the beginning, PUBG was nice. I was a good player but it never distracted me from my personal preferences. I never went to a café and asked for their wifi just so that I could shoot a bunch of random strangers in a wasteland. I would play PUBG when I had absolutely nothing else to do.

And then Sri Lanka happened. I had planned a solo trip to Sri Lanka and I was so excited for it. Little did I know that PUBG will almost ruin my trip and I won’t be able to go see anything because of this addiction?

At first it was helpful. I arrived in Sri Lanka at 1:30 AM. I was sitting at the airport with almost 6 hours to pass-by. Free wifi and PUBG was an ideal time-pass so I logged in, started shooting and getting shot. Time passed by in a jiffy and finally sun came out, the buses started running and I left for Colombo.


But then PUBG became a habit, and such a bad one that I missed multiple sunsets and sunrises because of the damn game.

It started in Colombo. I had returned from sightseeing, I was tired and the hot weather had sucked all the energy out of me. The hostel had free wifi so I logged in to PUBG again and thought of playing one round before going to sleep. This happened when I had arrived in Sri Lanka from India at 1:30 AM and had only 2 hours of sleep. Continuously I was shot within the first few minutes of the tournament. This happened once, then twice and then continued. I slept at 2 AM and woke up at 12 PM. I had plans to travel to Galle but here I was with another round of PUBG.


A strong regret filled me from inside because till now I had only spent my journey making fun of people who would not stop instagramming and clicking selfies during their trip. I once met this girl on a trek whose phone had ran out of charge and was ready to pay any amount to find a charger. Thankfully, I won’t find a network on such a trek to play PUBG there.

In the past, I have left my memory card and camera battery at home and only realized about it when I reached my destination. And yet I was absolutely fine with lack of pictures and social media updates because I never thought about it as a priority. Still this game ruined my vacation.

My poor performance in PUBG continued and it kept affecting local sightseeing for the next 5 days. I reached Kandy and then I realized that how stupid this game has been. I missed a crazy house party because of some fictional chicken dinner. Reaching Pochinki was more important to me than reaching the Temple of Sacred Tooth.


Finally I uninstalled the game to enjoy rest of my journey in a better way. Later, I left my phone at the hostel and spent a whole day exploring Nuwara Ella. I fought with Monkeys who tore my pant and in Ella, I saw a thousand tourists standing around the Nine Arches Bridge trying to click a photo of a passing train.

Sri Lanka became fun when I removed social media from the package. Some of my plans went out of the place due to the weather but that only means that I will return one more time it gets better and comforting enough to explore more and in a better way.

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  1. bhavya

    I haven’t seen so much buzz about a game after ”super mario”. Anyways glad you uninstalled and explored Srilanka. You too the Ella train? how was the expereince??

    1. ansh997x

      Yea, I went to Nuwura and then took train for Ella. I was in a general coach which was crowded AF. Next time I’ll book a ticket in advance.

  2. neelstoria

    All’s well that ends well 🙂
    I use my phone only to click pictures. Earlier I used to put it on airplane mode but then I realised I need the Internet for purposes like Maps. So all social media is shut and I take very limited calls, if at all.

  3. Blairvillanueva

    The last RPG I played was Age of Mythology and I enjoyed it so much. That is back in college! I don’t play anymore coz I.know.I distracted to what I enjoyed now.


    we all need to disconnect to reconnect I think. 10 years ago when I went travelling it was such a different experience to what its like now but it would be nice to bring back some of that!

  5. Gian and Sheila

    Our teenage daughter plays PUBG a lot. However, when she travels with us, we “confiscate” her phone so she would really immerse in the travel experience.

  6. Anita

    haha good choice to uninstall the game, glad to finally to choose to enjoy your trip! I wish to go to sri lanka some day, to be honest I was plannting this year but finally I am on Borneo 😛