Highway on my Plate: End of an inspiration

Highway on my Plate: End of an inspiration

I hardly watch any TV shows and following an Indian TV show on regular basis is something you’ll never hear from me. Highway on my plate is the only exception, a travel and food program that I have been following religiously for last two years.

When I started watching HOMP I never thought that this show will change my life. A show with two guys traveling in whatever means possible and getting to eat delicacies all over the country is every person’s dream but few actually live up to it.

After following this show for a while I decided to pack my bags and leave for Goa on my own. It was my first travel alone experience where I travelled without any plans and finally reached Goa after 3 days of changing buses, asking for lift. It was my own version of HOMP and one of the first early reasons that inspired me to pack my bags and set myself on road.

The signature callout for the show by the ever enigmatic hosts Weeee Arreee Backkkk, Weeee Arrreee Hungryyyy used to be simply the best. The way Rocky and Mayur have traveled across the nation even to my hometown Patna and Gaya is simple remarkable. The presentation and the menu as described by them was enough to get started and just visit that place, be it Chawla’s Chicken in Ludhiana or Mutton Chop in Cuttak one day I’ll savor them all.

Rocky and Mayur have been an inspiration for me and countless others like me and they’ll continue to be. Last I heard that they have already started shooting for their next show, so hope the inspiration will continue.

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