Hey There

Hey There

Why it happens that once who used to be best friends stop talking all of a sudden ?
Do they really cared for each other?

I have experienced this

I have seen people talk about it

I have hardly seen people taking any step to resolve this issue

and then they complain.

Can’t we give space in our friendship ?
why do we ask so many questions ?
Is it really difficult to let people be what they are, without being judgmental ?

Friendship should grow with time and become stronger but it doesn’t always mean that no matter what things will stay as they are right now.

Mutual understanding should be from both sides and it only ends when one or both of them refuse to cope up. I have a friend we lost touch for a long time and then I took a step and decided to get in touch again.

Good friends are not meant to be lost, they are a treasure to keep and should be made a part of life. This situation of wondering what happened should not occur ever.

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